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Five-Year Construction Plan

The Five-Year Construction Plan for the District is an annual submission required by the State Chancellor's office for capital construction funding.  In order for the Facilities Unit of the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office (CCCCO) to recommend projects to the Department of Finance (DOF), the Five Year Construction Plan must be submitted to verify the needs of the District over this five year period.  Initial Project Proposals (IPP's) and Final Project Proposals (FPP's) are also submitted at the same time as the Five-Year Plan.  Two IPP's initially submitted in July 2013, have been updated.  Two FPP's are currently approved by the State and pending funding via a State bond.  No new FPP's will be submitted this year.  The Five-Year Construction Plan and IPP's will be available on-line on the District's website after it is submitted on July 1, 2015. 

Chancellor's Office requires that each community college district prepare a Five-Year Construction Plan showing all projects that are planned to be constructed, both with State and local funding.  This Construction Plan summarizes all projects, calculating the capacity load ratios for offices, labs, classrooms, library, and AV/TV, based on growth projections.  This plan also includes educational statements for the District and each of the Colleges, along with statements of energy plans.  The plan includes descriptions of each of the projects proposed for the campus and the District as a whole.  The plan submitted is congruent with the District's comprehensive 2013 Facilities Master Plan.

 The two updated IPP's are:

  • Grossmont College – The 300’s Science, Math and Career Tech Complex Replacements:  This IPP will remove and reconstruct the two buildings in the Science Quad, to the north and south of the Science Building.  These buildings were built in the 1960’s and do not meet today’s instructional requirements.  This project is congruent with our Facilities Master Plan.
  • Cuyamaca College – Ornamental Horticulture Complex M Replacement:  This IPP will remove the existing 1978 instructional buildings and replace them modernized buildings and outdoor support spaces to support the programs of Ornamental Horticulture and Water/Waste Water Management.  This project is congruent with our Facilities Master Plan.


Two FPP coversheets are resubmitted as requested by CCCCO, but no changes to the FPP's are made.  These two projects, previously approved by the State, are in the queue for possible funding in the 2017/18 Project Funding cycle.  The FPP coversheets are:

  • Grossmont College – Liberal Arts Quad
  • Cuyamaca College – F Building Complex


  • Grossmont
  • Cuyamaca
Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District