Create a Photo Gallery web page:

Photo Gallery Instructions (pdf document)
Photo Gallery Page Demo

Create a Committee Meeting web site:

Click on the New, Committee menu to add a complete Committee Folder (with main page, meeting page, and members page), a Meeting Page only, or a File – meeting doc (to remind you to add a file title).
Committee Meeting web site Demo
Committee Meeting Page edit screenshot (pdf document)

Upload a large group of files to the same folder:

Zip Archive Tool Instructions (Word document)
updated 12/13/11

Automatically change an image to fit the sidebar area:

There is an item to select when uploading an image called Sidebar Image – auto 240 wide. If you select that item when you upload a picture, it will automatically change the size so that it is 240pixels wide. This is about the size you need for sidebar pictures. Keep in mind that if you have a SMALLER image, it will not be a good idea to use it as it will stretch to 240pixels.

Overwrite an existing file:

If you want to OVERWRITE an existing document or other file, choose the option 'File – overwrite old file' from the New menu when you upload the file. The new file must have the same name as the original file.


Cascade Image Editor instructions (Hannon Hill web site)

Creating accessible tables (WebAIM web site)

How do I single space lines?

Press Shift-Enter at the end of the line instead of Enter.

Moving/Renaming a file, folder, or page

If you are moving or renaming a page or a folder, unpublish it first so that you don't leave a disconnected page on the system.
If you are renaming a file, make sure you keep the extension on it (ie: .docx, .jpg,  .pdf).

Select the file, folder, or page you want to change, then select the Move/Rename tab. Enter the new name or navigate to the folder you want to move the item to. The Cascade system will keep track of any links to that item and update them in the system.

DO NOT change the name of your default page.

Relationships Button
You will easily view all of the assets that link to a particular page. With one-click publishing, you can quickly re-publish all of the assets that link to a page after renaming or moving it.

How many visitors go to my web pages?

In Cascade, select your web page, then click on the Analytics tab. This option is not available for the Intranet pages.

Printing the web page with background colors and images:

For Internet Explorer:
On the Tools menu, click Internet Options, and then click the Advanced tab.
In the Settings box, under Printing, click to select the Print background colors and images check box, and then click OK.

For Firefox:
File, Page Setup…, Format & Options, check Print Background

If your web page is too wide to fit on the printed page, change your Orientation to Landscape in Page Setup.


Links in my files don't work for Mac users:

Here's a way to make sure those links work

How can I go back to a previous version of my page?

In Cascade, select your web page, then click on the More tab. Select Versions, click on the version you want, then select Activate. Remember to re-publish the page.

Why does the Left Hand Navigation text display double or displays 'Serializer_Tool'?

Check your documents/pages to make sure they all have the Title field filled in.

Links are not working in the text area

Use Firefox.

Why do I get a message "Access to this server is disabled by default because it is controlled by basic authentication and does not use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Do you want to search the Microsoft Online Support Center to view possible solutions?"

You may see this message from Microsoft in Internet Explorer when you link to MS Word or Excel files. You can use Firefox, change your file to a .pdf, click 'No' when you get the message, or Save the file to your Desktop and open it from there.

Why don't all the buttons in the Edit screen work when I use Firefox?

Unfortunately, this is a feature that Firefox has trouble with. For Cut (Ctrl-x), Copy (Ctrl-c), and Paste (Ctrl-v) you can use your keyboard shortcuts or you can switch to Internet Explorer. We can add a file on your computer that Firefox needs to activate the buttons. Contact your Instructional Design Specialist if you would like us to help you with this.

The paragraphs don’t have a space in between and the font looks funny

Select a paragraph (just one), click the Format down arrow and select Paragraph.



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In-context Editing
In-context Editing allows you to edit regions of a page directly from the Layout view of a page. You can navigate to the View tab of one of these Pages and click on any of the pencil icons that will appear on top of the page view. Clicking on this icon will display a form with fields applicable to that region only. Sometimes a region will display a group of fields, some of them being enabled and some disabled. Disabled fields will show just to inform you that they exist but are not meant to be modified.

Stale Content Dashboard
The Stale Content dashboard helps you identify and take action on pages with old content. You can filter content by the last time the page was updated or by the Review Date field on your pages. Only pages and files are considered when listing stale content. The Dashboard Overview includes a graph to give you a quick snapshot of your stale content and content reviews. You can set review dates on the fly, receive email reminders, and quickly access content that is becoming stale.


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