Last updated: Thursday, March 23, 2017 1:10 PM

Name  Phone Number  Email Room Title Department (Location)
  Daniela Solano Murphy .668-1728 daniela.murphy@gcccd.edu22B-200B8 Foster/Adoptive/Kinship Care Prog Assist    Foster/Adoptive and Kinship Program  (District)  
  Dawn Heuft 644-7578 Dawn.Heuft@gcccd.edu86-801 Admin Assist IV/District Business Serv    Budget and Administrative Services  (District)  
  Dean Allen 619-644-7775 Dean.Allen@gcccd.edu57-100 Sheriff Deputy    Public Safety/Sheriffs  (District)  
  Deborah Smith 644-7546 Debbi.Smith@gcccd.edu86-826 Instructional Design Technology Spec/IS    Information Systems  (District)  
  Della Elliott 644-7690 Della.Elliott@gcccd.edu38H Public Information Assist    Advancement and Communications /Public Information  (District)  
  Demarquet Davis 644-7198 Demarquet.Davis@gcccd.edu86-826 Network Specialist I/IS, Substitue    Information Systems  (District)  
  Derrick Whitlock .668-1735 Derrick.Whitlock@gcccd.edu80-861 Substitute Human Resources Assist    Human Resources  (District)  
  Dorota Szpyrka 644-7590 Dorota.Szpyrka@gcccd.edu80-853 District Account Tech    Accounting  (District)  
  Doug Jenson 644-7577 Doug.Jenson@gcccd.edu86-801 Assoc VC Bus Serv    Budget and Administrative Services  (District)  
  Douglas Platt 644-7903 Douglas.Platt@gcccd.edu83-980 Electrical Maintenance Lead    Facilities Planning Dev/Elec Maint  (District)