Last updated: Tuesday, June 30, 2015 2:41 AM

Name  Phone Number  Email Room Title Department (Location)
Farid Sadeghipour 644-7454 x3728 Math Instr Math (Grossmont)
Fayine Morka 644-7715 Fayine.Morka@gcccd.edu32A-T300C Child Dev Center Aide Child Development Center (Grossmont)
Firas Arabo Computer Science Information Sys/Multimedia Instr Computer and Information Science (Grossmont)
Frances McMeeken 644-7454 x3840 History Instr History (Grossmont)
Francis Parker 644-7490 Francis.Parker@gcccd.edu23-104 Sculpture Tech Art (Grossmont)
Fred Allen 644-7543 Fred.Allen@gcccd.edu31-364 AOJ Grants and Instr Administration of Justice (AOJ) (Grossmont)
Fred Benedetti 644-7259 Fred.Benedetti@gcccd.edu26-230H Music Assoc Professor Music (Grossmont)
Fred Hafer Geography Assist Professor Geography (Grossmont)
Fred Kellenberger Computer Science Information Sys Instr Computer Science Information (CSIS) (Grossmont)
Fred Lear 644-7454 x3895 AOJ Instr Administration of Justice (AOJ) (Grossmont)
Fritz Reber AOJ instr Administration of Justice (AOJ) (Grossmont)
Furahaa Saba 644-7454 x3913 Communications/Speech Instr Communications/Speech (Grossmont)