Last updated: Wednesday, August 16, 2017 11:00 PM

Name  Phone Number  Email Room Title Department (Location)
  Sally Cox 644-7684 Sally.Cox@gcccd.edu80 Executive Dir/FGCC    Foundation  (District)  
  Sandy Beasley 660-4623 Sandy.Beasley@gcccd.eduF615 CSEA-Chief Job Steward    Classified Union - CSEA  (District)  
  Sandy Pennock 644-7580 Sandy.Pennock@gcccd.edu80-852 Purchasing Assist    Purchasing and Contracts  (District)  
  Sara Denhardt 644-7714 Sara.Denhardt@gcccd.edu86-826 Clerical Assist/IS    Information Systems  (District)  
  Sara Downs 644-7689 Sara.Downs@gcccd.edu86-801B Financial Analyst/District Business Serv    Budget and Administrative Services  (District)  
  Sara Suter 644-7597 Sara.Suter@gcccd.edu80 Dir Admim Serv/FGCC    Foundation  (District)  
  Sarah Klingshirn .644-3906 Sarah.Klingshirn@gcccd.edu80 Workforce Development Assistant    Foundation  (District)  
  Scott Skinner 644-7654 Scott_Skinner@gcccd.edu57-100 Campus and Parking Serv Spec-CAPS    Public Safety/Sheriffs  (District)  
  Sean Malone 644-7692 Sean.Malone@gcccd.edu86-805 Fiscal Services Internal Auditor    Vice Chancellor Business  (District)  
  Shane Stewart 644-7905 Shane.Stewart@gcccd.edu86-804 Business Analyst/IS    Information Systems  (District)  
  Stacy Teeters 644-7453 Stacy.Teeters@gcccd.edu10-102 Research & Planning Analyst    College Planning and Institutional Effectiveness  (District)  
  Stacy Teeters 644-7735 Stacy.Teeters@gcccd.edu80-854 Research & Planning Analyst    Research Planning and Institutional Effectiveness  (District)  
  Stan Malley 644-7098 Stan.Malley@gcccd.edu86-819 Consultant/IS    Information Systems  (District)  
  Stephen Johnson 644-7762 sjohnson@gafcon.com87-100 Program Communications Liaison/Gafcon    Gafcon  (District)  
  Steve Abat 644-7776 Steve.Abat@gcccd.edu86-805 Dir Technical Serv/IS    Information Systems  (District)  
  Sue Fisher 644-7095 Sue.Fisher@gcccd.edu80 Contracts Specialist/FGCC    Foundation  (District)  
  Sue Rearic 644-7575 Sue.Rearic@gcccd.edu86-805 Vice Chan Business Serv    Vice Chancellor Business  (District)  
  Susan Bender 644-7635 Susan.Bender@gcccd.edu80-859 Payroll Tech    Payroll  (District)  
  Sylvester Jones 644-7654 Sylvester.Njones@gcccd.edu57-100 Campus and Parking Serv Spec-CAPS    Public Safety/Sheriffs  (District)