Last updated: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 7:49 AM

Name  Phone Number  Email Room Title Department (Location)
  Kahler, Julie 660-4223 Julie.Kahler@gcccd.eduF106 Instructional Operations Supervisor    Instructional Operations  (Cuyamaca)  
  Kakos, Anmar 660-4513 Anmar.Kakos@gcccd.eduD201 Fitness Manager Assistant    Exercise Science  (Cuyamaca)  
  Keeley, Nicole 660-4332 Nicole.Keeley@gcccd.eduA109 Interim CalWorks Counselor Coordinator    CalWORKS  (Cuyamaca)  
  Keller, Laura 660-4304 Laura.Keller@gcccd.eduA319 Evaluations Advisor    Admissions and Records  (Cuyamaca)  
  Kelliher, Joseph 644-7454 x3196   Spanish Instr    Foreign Language  (Cuyamaca)  
  Kennedy, Martha    English Instr    Communication Arts  (Cuyamaca)  
  Kerper, Aaron    Real Estate Instr    Business and Professional Studies  (Cuyamaca)  
  Kersey, Pam 660-4452 Pam.Kersey@gcccd.eduH104 Dean of Math, Science & Engineering    Math, Science and Engineering  (Cuyamaca)  
  Kew, Diane660-4424 Diane.Kew@gcccd.eduE226 Instructional Lab Assist Int    Mac Lab  (Cuyamaca)  
  Kilber Rebman, Kerry 660-4405 Kerry.KilberRebman@gcccd.eduF-105 Dean of Learning and Tech. Resources    Library/Learning Resources  (Cuyamaca)  
  Klein, John 980-2018 Johnhklein@pga.comD335 Men and Women's Golf Coach    Athletics  (Cuyamaca)  
  Knox, Karen 660-4543 Karen.Knox@gcccd.eduA201 Student Services Specialist    Counseling  (Cuyamaca)  
  Koenes, Mark 660-4277 Mark.Koenes@gcccd.eduJ111 Grounds Maintenance Worker, Senior    Maintenance  (Cuyamaca)  
  Koether, Charles 644-7454 x3200 Math Instr    Math  (Cuyamaca)  
  Kotowski, Kathryn Exercise Science Instr    Exercise Science  (Cuyamaca)  
  Kotulski, Michelle GD Instr    Graphic Design  (Cuyamaca)  
  Krajewski, Rachel     Math  (Cuyamaca)  
  Krauss, Alyssa     Math  (Cuyamaca)  
  Kropp, Jonathan 660-4045 Jonathan_Kropp@gcccd.eduL104 Interim Director - Center for Innovation    Grants  (Cuyamaca)  
  Kruger, Ilene ESL Instr      (Cuyamaca)