Last updated: Wednesday, August 16, 2017 11:00 PM

Name  Phone Number  Email Room Title Department (Location)
  Saric, John 644-7538 John.Saric@gcccd.edu86-820 Programmer Analyst Sr/IS    Information Systems  (District)  
  Simi, Beau 660-4710 Beau.Simi@gcccd.eduElec Trailer Electrical Technician, Sr    Facilities Planning Dev/Elec Maint  (District)  
  Skinner, Scott 644-7654 Scott_Skinner@gcccd.edu57-100 Campus and Parking Serv Spec-CAPS    Public Safety/Sheriffs  (District)  
  Smith, Deborah 644-7546 Debbi.Smith@gcccd.edu86-826 Instructional Design Technology Spec/IS    Information Systems  (District)  
  Smith, Kyle 644-7700 Kyle.Smith@gcccd.edu85-900 Warehouse Assist    Warehouse  (District)  
  Smith, Vicky 644-7039 Vicky.Smith@gcccd.edu38H Human Resources Spec    Human Resources  (District)  
  Snelling, Janet 644-7046 Janet.Snelling@gcccd.edu38E Dir Human Resources    Human Resources  (District)  
  Solano Murphy, Daniela .668-1728 Daniela.Murphy@gcccd.edu36-350 Foster/Adoptive/Kinship Care Prog Assist    Foster/Adoptive and Kinship Program  (District)  
  Sorman, John 644-7565 John.Sorman@gcccd.edu86-814 Database/Web Admin/IS    Information Systems  (District)  
  Soto, Gabriela .644-3938 Gabriela.Soto@gcccd.edu80 Operations Specialist/FGCC    Foundation  (District)  
  Stewart, Shane 644-7905 Shane.Stewart@gcccd.edu86-804 Business Analyst/IS    Information Systems  (District)  
  Stogsdill, Amy 644-7642 Amy.Stogsdill@gcccd.edu80-859 Payroll Tech    Payroll  (District)  
  Suter, Sara 644-7597 Sara.Suter@gcccd.edu80 Dir Admim Serv/FGCC    Foundation  (District)  
  Szpyrka, Dorota 644-7590 Dorota.Szpyrka@gcccd.edu80-853 District Account Tech    Accounting  (District)