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Name  Phone Number  Email Room Title Department (Location)
  Vaknin, Lauren 660-4295 Lauren.Vaknin@gcccd.eduI-115 Assoc Dean of Student Affairs    ASCC  (Cuyamaca)  
  Valdivia, Jacqueline 644-7750 Jacqueline.Valdivia@gcccd.edu50-590B Administrative Assist 1    Academic Senate  (Grossmont)  
  Valdivia, Kathryn 644-7454 x3146   Hum/Phil Instr    Humanities/Philosophy and Religious Studies  (Cuyamaca)  
  Valencia, John 644-7109 John.Valencia@gcccd.edu38H VC Workforce and Organizational Dev    Workforce and Organizational Development  (District)  
  Valenzuela, Jacqueline .668-1759 Jacky_Valenzuela@gcccd.edu60-125 Admin Assist II    EOPS - Ext Opportunities Prgms and Servs  (Grossmont)  
  Valladolid-Guzman, Maite 644-7454 x3605 Maite.Valladolid@gcccd.edu60-125 EOPS Counselor    EOPS - Ext Opportunities Prgms and Servs  (Grossmont)  
  Vallejo, Cheryl Math Instr      (Cuyamaca)  
  Valtierra, Hector 644-7454 x3980 Biology Instr    Biology  (Grossmont)  
  Van Blaricom, Margaret 644-7454 x3639 Margaret.VanBlar@gcccd.edu50-590T English Instr    English  (Grossmont)  
  Van-Slyck, Irene 644-7454 x3719 Russian Assoc Professor    World Languages  (Grossmont)  
  Vance, Diana644-7047 Diana.Vance@gcccd.edu30-214 Chemistry Assist Professor    Chemistry  (Grossmont)  
  Vanden Eynden, Jennifer644-7294 Jenny.VandenEynden@gcccd.edu70-212 Math Professor    Math  (Grossmont)  
  VanderWoude, Katrina 644-7103 Katrina.VanderWoude@gcccd.edu10-115 Vice President Academic Affairs    Vice President Academic Affairs  (Grossmont)  
  Vargas, Mailei Math Instr    Math  (Cuyamaca)  
  Vargas, Michaela English Instr    English  (Grossmont)  
  Varghese, Sara 644-7159 Sara.Varghese@gcccd.edu60-205 Interim Assoc Dean Student Affairs    Student Affairs  (Grossmont)  
  Vasquez, Heriberto 644-7844 Heriberto.Vasquez@gcccd.edu10-156 Outreach Coord/Admissions & Records    Admissions and Records  (Grossmont)  
  Vasquez, Rebecca Chemistry Instr    Chemistry  (Grossmont)  
  Vasquez, Travis Computer Science Information Sys Instr    Computer Science Information (CSIS)  (Grossmont)  
  Veizaga, Katherine 644-7211 Katherine.Veizaga@gcccd.edu10-162 Student Serv Assist/Counseling    Counseling  (Grossmont)  
  Vejar, Laila 660-4251 Laila.Vejar@gcccd.eduF716 Custodian    Administrative Services  (Cuyamaca)  
  Vellone, Elizabeth History Instr    History  (Grossmont)  
  Venard, Tenille 644-7169 Tenille.Venard@gcccd.edu10-150 Evaluations Advisor    Admissions and Records  (Grossmont)  
  Venn, Tara AOJ Instr    Administration of Justice (AOJ)  (Grossmont)  
  Ventura, Alfred 644-7251 Alfred.Ventura@gcccd.edu28-203 Ceramics Tech    Art  (Grossmont)  
  Verhoye, Bryan 644-7454 x3822 Music Instr    Music  (Grossmont)  
  Vicino, Christine 644-7305 Christi.Vicino@gcccd.edu34-261 OTA Professor    Occupational Therapy Assist (OTA)  (Grossmont)  
  Vienna, Olga 644-7454 x3894 Olga.Vienna@gcccd.edu50-590O English Assoc Professor    English  (Grossmont)  
  Viersen, Beth 660-4576 Beth.Viersen@gcccd.eduA114 DSPS Coordinator    Disabled Student Prgrms and Servs (DSPS)  (Cuyamaca)  
  Vigil, Alberto 644-7454 x3862 Anthropology Instr    Anthropology  (Grossmont)  
  Vilarino, Sharon 644-7454 x3690 Sharon.Vilarino@gcccd.edu41-144 Exercise Science Instr    Exercise Science  (Grossmont)  
  Vilchez, Katherine .668-1736 Katherine.Vilchez@gcccd.edu10-109F EOPS/Dream Center Counselor    EOPS - Ext Opportunities Prgms and Servs  (Grossmont)  
  Villalta, Ian Psyc Instr    Psychology  (Grossmont)  
  Villarreal, Jose  Jose.Villarreal@gcccd.eduH209 Chemistry Instr    Science/Engineering  (Cuyamaca)  
  Villegas, Raphael 644-7032 rvillegas@gafcon.com87-100 Project Controls Manager    Gafcon  (District)  
  Vincent, Paul 644-7741 Paul.Vincent@gcccd.edu54-517B Spanish Professor/Chair    World Languages  (Grossmont)  
  Volatier, Christina Sociology Instr    Sociology  (Grossmont)  
  Voth, Miriam ESL Instr    English as a Second Language (ESL)  (Grossmont)  
  Vowerck, Heather Music Instructor    Music  (Cuyamaca)