Serving on Screening Committees FAQs

(For your reference - both email messages are copied below from the district and Classified Leaders)

How did this 'pool' idea get going? District Leaders requested this new process to alleviate the time delay in soliciting all staff for each committee every time one comes forward - especially when the hire is 'emergency or critical' when the position could be frozen or the screening process halted before a committee was identified. Classified Senate Leaders are responsible for coordinating the communication with staff necessary to follow their directions while maintaining a transparent and efficient district-wide process. It is the goal of GCCCD Classified Senate to provide opportunity to all staff to sit on screening committees. In some cases a fair selection process was not being used at all. The Classified Senate wants to ensure Chairs of committees there is access to the largest number of members as quickly as possible.

Although there are some screening committees that I have a real reason to be on, I would hate to throw my hat in a pool and end up on just any screening committee - How do you decide?   You would still be considered for the screening committees you prefer.  It is not a “big brother” control thing.  The chairs of the screening committees let us know who they think would be best and if that person is already in the pool - cool, if not we would make a personal call to them to ask if they would be available. The time saved in having the opportunity afforded to all will speed up the process – like being on the list, will save us the step of 'recruiting'. We still will provide the CSEA approval of recommended participants as is detailed in the MOU between the district and CSEA 707.

I would be very interested in volunteering for a screening committee for a position that I work closely with, or has similar skills to mine.  I can contribute a lot to a committee that is hiring a secretary, but nothing at all to a committee that is hiring an electrician.  We consider your expertise when recommending the best classified rep for a position. The chairs and the CSEA/Senate leaders also sort through these concerns and are well aware of who would be best suited for what committee – another reason we need the pool, the more members in the pool, the easier the process.

Why can't I make the determination myself as to which committees I would best serve on?  The Chairs of the committees determine this, not the CSEA or CS Presidents.  We just are the keeper of the information and exercising our shared governance responsibilities to our constituency group for the Chairs. We are representing ALL classified - that is our responsibility to the district to provide opportunities to all. 

Participation in a screening committee is a big responsibility that I don’t want to make unless I can decide which committee I will serve on, can I not put my name in the pool? If you prefer not to, that is not a big deal, it just would help us out if we know you were already on the list for those committees that are best suited for you. The Classified Senate would also like staff to consider that sometimes having an employee serve on a committee outside of the department can be very valuable--that employee has a unique perspective. That employee also provides insurance against 'committee stacking'.

Waiting two weeks to make sure that those that are on vacation get the notice is way too long.  I think 3 – 5 working days to submit your willingness to serve on a screening committee is plenty of time.  What about those that are out of the country and can’t respond.  We want to give ALL classified the opportunity. If it doesn't make a difference whether you respond now or later, why not put your name in the pool now? We heard from quite a few classified about the lack of time allotted to respond – we can’t have it both ways; the process needed to be streamlined, and this is our attempt to accomplish that.

Is this the way it will always be? I think there are many with concerns.  Keep in mind this is a district decision to go this course and the Classified Senate and CSEA are assisting them in the process.  We understand this is our first attempt at this new process and we welcome suggestions on how to improve it – so feel free to make suggestions on how that might be done.  The District and your classified leaders are prepared to adjust the process if necessary, just let us know what you think and it will be considered.

Can I say "no" if I am selected?   So you have been selected, but it is the busiest time of year for you - OR you have just scheduled your vacation in Switzerland and cannot return the tickets...No problem! Let the Classified Senate representative know you cannot serve. They will move through the list and find the next most appropriate person.

What happens if I don’t respond and I decide later that I want to participate?  Speak with your supervisor. In some cases we would still be able to recommend you for certain committees if you were the most appropriate person.

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From: Paula Tillery
Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2011 10:23 AM
To: Grossmont Site; Cuyamaca Site; District Staff
Subject: Opportunity for Classified Senate Members

To: All Employees

In an effort to enhance collegiality and effectiveness, a new approach to seeking Classified representation for our screening committee process will be introduced. To offer an opportunity for Classified to participate and to streamline the committee formation process, the following will occur:

  • This month, the Classified Senate will be putting out a call to all Classified Senate members
    (which includes Classified, Supervisory and Confidential employees) asking for all individuals
    who are interested in serving on screening committees this Spring to throw their hats into the
  • A pool will be created of interested Classified representatives in an effort to expedite the committee formation process.
  • As screening committees are initiated, the committee chair will contact the site Classified Senate Vice President for a recommendation from the available pool.
  • We will also have routine training sessions to help all screening committee participants prepare for this role.

District supervisors and managers are encouraged to support employees who request to become part of the pool of candidates. Once an employee is requested to serve on a specific screening committee, if operationally possible, please assist them with their participation in this important and critical recruiting process.

Classified Senate – Watch for the invitation coming soon via e-mail from your Classified Senate for the opportunity to volunteer. Then, if you are interested in volunteering to serve on screening committees, be sure and talk about your participation with your supervisor or manager prior to your commitment.

Thank you for your assistance!

Amber Herrmann
Director, Employment Services

Debi Miller, GCCCD Classified Senate President

From: Paula Tillery
Sent: Thursday, January 13, 2011 1:59 PM
To: Grossmont Site; Cuyamaca Site; District Staff
Subject: Classified Screening Committees - Representatives Needed


As a follow-up to the e-mail from Amber Herrmann, Director, Employment Services, and Debi Miller, President, Classified Senate on Tuesday, January 11, 2011, and in an effort to enhance effectiveness of the process for classified representatives on screening committees, the Classified Senate supports:

  • Streamlining of the current process;
  • Extending this opportunity to all Classified staff to participate;
  • Collaboration with the District in seeking Classified representatives.

The Vice Presidents of the Classified Senate at each of the sites will establish a pool of potential candidates for these committees at the beginning of each semester. The intent is to create a more diverse pool and to have these names available to the chairs of the screening committees so they can readily access the pool and appoint the needed representative without unnecessary delay to the process. Please forward your name for consideration by February 15 to:

For District Services: Wendy Corbin
For Grossmont: Pat Murray
For Cuyamaca: Maggie Gonzales 

Thank you for your continued support of the collegial consultation process at Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District.

Debi Miller, GCCCD Classified Senate President & 

Cheryl Houston, CSEA Chapter 707 President