Substitute Benefits

Substitute Employees will be eligible for the following benefits on the first day of the month following 30 days from hire:

Kaiser HMO $15 Medical
Employees will pay employee premium cost-share contributions associated with this plan through payroll deductions. The 2024 contributions are as follows:

Coverage Tier Level 2024 Employee Contributions
EE only $180.00
EE + 1 $360.00
EE + 2 or more $540.00

An Employee may opt out of enrolling in the Medical plan. Proof of other outside medical enrollment must be provided during your Workday enrollment and a Medical Waiver form must be submitted. 

2024 Medical Waiver - Subs

Once enrolled, an employee may experience a qualifying event (such as marriage, divorce, birth of baby, adoption and employment status change) that will allow a mid-year change to their current benefits. The employee is responsible for notifying Human Resources within 30 days of any qualifying event that would cause a change in benefit status including a COBRA eligibility change.  If this deadline is missed, the employee must wait until the next open enrollment period to make changes to their enrollment coverage.  

Please note: Hourly Substitute Employee Benefits are subject to District policies that may change. It is the goal of the District to remove hourly substitute employee benefits by June 30, 2024. Human Resources will discuss the implications of this with those impacted by the change.