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Workday Quick Reference Sheets
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Waiving Medical Insurance

Employees may opt-out of enrollment in a medical plan only with proof of other coverage.  The following will be required and will need to be attached in the open enrollment task in Workday before submission.  Employees that waive medical must still enroll in dental and vision.

Alternatively, two employees who are married, both eligible for benefits, and both working for the District may choose to be enrolled all under one person.  Consequently, the other person will be able to waive medical, dental, and vision coverage in Workday because their spouse has enrolled them under their own coverage. 

Please note that bargaining unit contracts do not allow for double coverage.  Married employees who both work for the District cannot be enrolled under each other's plans and dependent children cannot be enrolled in both parents plans at the same time.

Discount Insurance Plans

All employees of the district can participate in the voluntary plans below.  These are set-up as direct bill to the employee and with group discounted rates.

Liberty Mutual Group Auto & Home Insurance Representative
Hartville Pet Insurance Discount Plan
Hartville Pet Insurance Preventive Care

The Cross-Border Medical Plan
2021 Required Notices
Last Updated: 10/15/2021