Online Form Solutions

The District currently has three online forms options available for employees to use.   
NextGen Dynamic Forms 
• This application can be used for forms that require an authenticated signature. For those types of forms, users will be required to create a user name and password to access and complete the form.  Forms not requiring a signature do not require an account. 
• NextGen forms cannot be embedded in a webpage but can be accessed through a webpage link.  
• NextGen is set up with Single Sign On for all employees and active students. If you want to build forms, find the Nextgen application in your O365 account and log in. Then, contact the District IT Help Desk to request to be made a form builder. 
• Here is a link to a training video (insert link) 
• This application can be used for the majority of forms.  It provides the ability to have ‘selection criteria’ as well as a routing function; while these features need to be set up when the form is being created, it is user friendly.  
• Cognito is licensed by user. We have a limited number of licenses available. Contact the District IT Help Desk to request a license. 
• There are video trainings and tutorials available. 
MS Forms 
• MS Forms is a basic form builder that is ideal for simple surveys, quizzes and forms. 
• You can route a form to multiple people with the use of something called MS Power Automate, which can be challenging to configure. 
• It is included in every employee’s O365 license and there are manuals and training resources available online. 
If you have questions about which forms application to use or need assistance creating a form, you can reach out to these district staff for support: 
• Colleges: Ruth Ramirez Ruiz at  
• HR/Finance/Business Services: Chemene Chodur at 
• District/Web: Daryl Johnson at