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OU Campus is designed to be an easy way for users to edit and manage web pages without any coding experience. To help you with your OU Campus experience, we’ve provided this End-User Guide. It explains common functions in OU Campus such as how to log in, how to edit and publish pages, how to upload images, and other functions.

In addition to this guide, help for OU Campus can be found at our support site at: The support side provides comprehensive documentation for OU Campus and all its features, from tutorials to configuration options to archived training sessions. It can be accessed directly from OU Campus via the Help link in the upper right-hand corner of the interface.

Additionally, there are in-context help links located throughout OU Campus, marked by a question mark symbol. This links provide explanations for specific areas and tasks, and also point to the relevant page on the support site.

The support site is free to use and available to everyone; we encourage you to make use of it if you have questions. Your institution’s administrators are also available as help
resources should you have questions about OU Campus or are running into an issue. Directly contacting the OmniUpdate support team is restricted to key administrators only.

Logging In

Logging into OU Campus can be done via two ways. One is if you navigate directly to a URL within OU Campus; if you are not logged in, you will then be prompted to do so. The other is via a DirectEdit link. DirectEdit links are placed on every published page in your website, and clicking a DirectEdit link logs you into OU Campus and takes you directly to editing that page.

To log into OU Campus via DirectEdit:
1. Navigate to the desired page on the live website.
2. Click the DirectEdit link on the published page. For our website, the DirectEdit link is the last updated date.
3. Use the login credentials that have been provided to you by an administrator at your school.
4. You are now logged into OU Campus and viewing a page, ready to edit it if you want.

To log out of OU Campus:
1. Locate your user name in the top right-hand corner of the screen (in the Global Navigation Bar), and hover over it.
2. Click Logout from the menu.
Gadget Tutorials
1. Request Help: The Request Help gadget sends a message to a designated group if you
are having issues. Location: Sidebar Available to: All user levels Use this gadget to send a message requesting help on a specific page or function. Along with the message you write, the gadget
2. My Checked-Out Content Gadget: The My Checked -Out Content gadget lists every page or file, asset, and component currently checked out to you. Location: Dashboard, Sidebar Available To: All user levels This gadget lists all files and content that are checked out to you.
3. Page Info Gadget: Info Page Info Gadget The Page Info gadget shows information about a page or file that you are editing. Location: Sidebar while viewing a page or file Available To: All user levels The gadget shows the following information about a file: Last Saved: Date and time of the last save, and by whom.
4. Link Check: The Link Check Gadget runs a
link check on a page you are viewing, identifying all broken links. Location: Sidebar while previewing or editing a page Available To: All user levels Click the Find Broken Links button to scan the page for any broken links.

Source(s): Editing Guide - OU Campus Version 10, Deanna Thompson, Web Support Specialist, Grossmont College