Installing Applications using the Software Center in Windows


Information Technology has made software packages available for self service installation on campus owned workstations.  These programs are available through a service known as the Software Center.

Please note, applications may be large and can take some time to install.  During the installation, your computer may be very sluggish.  We recommend installing this application at the end of your work day so it does not impact your work. 

To install this software:

1. Click on your start button and type in Software Center.  This will result in the application showing up in your search and then you can click on it.

2. You will now see a list of available software in the Software Center.  Select the application you would like to install and click the install button in the lower right corner.


If you are having trouble installing an application, check to see how much memory is on your computer.

1. Right click on the Computer icon on your Desktop, then select Properties.

2. In the System area, look for the lines for Processor and Installed memory (RAM). Check with Information Technology to make sure your computer has the capacity for the application you are installing.