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25Live Pro


What is 25Live Pro?

25Live Pro is the Grossmont Cuyamaca web-based scheduling and space information system. The software provides course information, event scheduling, and facility information for the departments.

25Live Pro allows you to view the availability of a room and details of the room before deciding if that location is good for your event. 25Live Pro provides information about an event whether it’s a class or an event.

The 25Live Pro system also allows campus security to see what events are occurring on campus if doors need to be unlocked.

Download Overview

Who can access 25Live Pro?

Anyone can view 25Live Pro without signing into the system to view availability of a room.

What browser is recommended for 25Live Pro?

Mozilla Firefox and Chrome are the suggested browsers to use.

Open 25Live Pro

When you first open 25Live Pro to view you will only have a couple of tabs available to you.

Please use the following URL:


(You may need to copy and paste URL into your browser)