IFAS and Insight Training


Note: You must use Internet Explorer in compatibility mode for the IFAS/Insight dashboard site.

Dashboard Insight - Contact Sara Downs, x7689, for more information on how to:

  1. Log into Insight using an HP account.
  2. Use the Insight interface and how to bring up the menu when it does not appear.
  3. View and Print Budget information using Easy Reports.

Dashboard IFAS-PR  - Contact Maria Briney, x7581, for more information on how to:

  1. Enter a Purchase Requisition
  2. Edit a Purchase Requisition
  3. Request a follow-up using Tracking

IFAS 7.9.4 Software Documentation (IFAS 7i)

Accounts Receivable
   ARBTARUB - AR Set Entry
   ARBTCRUB - Cash Receipts Set Entry

Bank Reconciliation
   BKUPBA - Bank Statements
   BKUPCD - Bank Reconciliation Check/Deposit
   BKUPRC - Bank Reconciliation

       Accounts Payable
       Person Entity - PEUPPE - Person Entity Entry
       Purchasing - POUPPR - Purchase Request Entry
       Stores  - SIOEUB - Stores Order Entry

Fixed Assets
   TDFAUPAS - Asset Entry

General Ledger
   GLBUBAUB - Budget Adj/Transfer Screen
   GLBUUP - Budget Update Screen
   GLJEUB - Journal Entry
   GLUPKY - Org Key Entry
   GLUPOB - Object Entry