OneDrive Sync


OneDrive - Sync Troubleshooting

Though using OneDrive sync is not advised, and there is limited ability to support this feature, here are some troubleshooting links for those who choose to use it:

One Drive – Sync Multiple Accounts

You can only sync a single One Drive account. However, these instructions will tell you how to sync multiple accounts from a single OneDrive account.

In Windows 10, set up your computer with your primary One Drive account so it will sync its content. You can see this content from both your Desktop and a browser.

Sign out of your primary account and sign into your secondary OneDrive account in a browser.
Create a new folder in your secondary OneDrive account (call it something like Second One Drive). Move all of the content on your secondary One Drive to this new folder.

Select the new folder and select Share (right-click the folder if necessary).
Create an invitation to share this folder with your primary account (email address).
Select ‘Can edit’ and ‘Recipients don’t need a Microsoft account’.
Click the Share button.

Go to your primary account email Inbox and you will see an email about the shared secondary One Drive folder.
Open the email and click ‘I trust outlook, etc’ if that message appears in the email.
Select the ‘View in One Drive’ button in the email, then select ‘Add to my One Drive’ button. This will add the secondary folder to your primary One Drive.

You can look at your primary One Drive and see the new folder with the files from your secondary One Drive.
Now any files you add to your secondary folder will be synced to your primary computer.