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These faculty and staff members at Grossmont and Cuyamaca colleges are available to speak to service groups or for media interviews on their topics of expertise. To arrange for a speaking engagement or a media interview, contact Anne Krueger at the district’s Marketing and Communications Office at (619) 644-7842.





Pat Bennett

Professor Emeritus, English as a Second Language, Grossmont College

  • English as a Second Language; immigrants; intercultural communications

Sue Caldwell

Assistant Professor, Biology, Grossmont College

  • Health; stress; differences in male and female brain function

Wendy Craig

Associate Dean, Extended Opportunities Programs and Services, Cuyamaca College

  • How businesses and corporations can support black business/economy development
  • Social justice and allyship
  • Supporting historically underrepresented students

Jim Custeau

Professor (retired) Automotive Technology, Cuyamaca College

  • Automotives: saving fuel, alternative fuels, hybrids, new automotive technology

Bruce Farnham

Director, Facilities, Cuyamaca College

  • Faciliites, environmental energy conservation

Marsha Gable

Dean, Counseling Services, Cuyamaca College

  • Successful transition to college
  • Leadership and women's leadership
  • African-American women's issues
  • Student success

Mike Gilchrist

Bookstore manager, Cuyamaca College

  • Why textbooks cost what they do
  • Options to the traditional book

Debby Golden

Instructor, Psychology, Grossmont College

  • Psychology; human sexuality; how to talk to your kids about sex; improving couples' communication about sex

Sue Gonda

Professor, History, Grossmont College

  • American women's history; social and cultural context of women's status; women in San Diego's early history

Mark Goodman

Professor,  Geography, Grossmont College

  • Physical and cultural geography of Thailand

Scott Herrin

Dean, math, sciences and engineering, Cuyamaca College

  • Sports, Title IX
  • Gender equity in athletics
  • Ultra-marathons
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing

Don Jones

Coordinator, Water and Wastewater Technology, Cuyamaca College

  • Importance of water & wastewater to communities

Jonathan Kropp

Director, Environmental Training Center, Cuyamaca College

  • Grant writing
  • Green program development
  • Creating a sustainability committee

Mary Leslie

Professor, Business Office Technology, Grossmont College

  • Office Professional Training program

Manuel Lorenzo

Food Services General Manager, Cuyamaca College

  • Event planning
  • Gourmet food preparation

Marty Martins

Instructor, Administration of Justice, Grossmont College                              

  • Dating violence, myths about law enforcement

Ronald Norman

Professor, Computer Science, Grossmont College                                         

  • Software engineering

John Oakes

Instructor, Chemistry, Grossmont College

  • Philosophy of science, science and Christianity, science history

Mimi Pollack

Instructor, English as a Second Language, Grossmont College

  • English as a Second Language, knowledge across cultures

Ray Reyes

Director, Financial Aid, Cuyamaca College

  • Understanding financial aid
  • Successful financial aid application
  • Scholarships

Kerry Kilber Rebman

Dean, Learning and Technology Resources, Cuyamaca College

  • Distance education
  • Instructional technology at a community college
  • Libraries and their future
  • Tutoring for optimal success

Brian Rickel

Instructor, Theater Arts, Grossmont College

  • How theater trains people in other industries to excel, using acting to increase productivity

Erin Roberts-Hall

Corporate advancement developer

  • District relationships with the business community
  • Corporate training
  • Corporate sponsorships

Pat Setzer

Dean, Humanities and Social Sciences, Cuyamaca College

  • Early music performance
  • History of music
  • Shared governance in California community colleges

Ryan Shumaker

Student Success Coordinator, Cuyamaca College

  • Student leadership
  • Student athlete leadership
  • Student success

Julio Soto

Instructor, Sociology, Grossmont College

  • Financial aid outreach to underrepresented communities, foster youth, developing educational programs to serve underrepresented

Scott Thayer

Vice President, Student Services, Cuyamaca College

  • Equity and access for underrepresented students
  • Student athlete leadership
  • Student success

Thomas Trzos

Instructor, Computer Science, Grossmont College

  • Knowledge management, business analytics, computer technologies, software applications

Paul Turounet

Associate Professor, Art, Grossmont College

  • Photographing the migrant experience

Sandia Tuttle

Instructor, English, Grossmont College

  • Drama, composition, community service

Lauren Vaknin

Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Cuyamaca College

  • Developing service-learning opportunities
  • Student leadership training

Linda Waring

Director, Workplace Learning Resource Center, Cuyamaca College

  • Economic and workforce development industry sector/CTE career pathway development
  • Workforce Innovations Partnership - Green Ventures Program
  • K-12/Community College Partnerships
  • Community College/Industry Partnerships

Anthony Zambelli

 Emeritus Economics Professor, Cuyamaca College

  •  Financial literacy
  • Grossmont
  • Cuyamaca
A Member of the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District