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Adaptive Release
The most common reason you would use Adaptive Release is to allow one student to take a test after the deadline for that test has passed.

Archive Your Course
An archive is a complete backup of your course. It includes the students, all their work, all discussions, course statistics, grades, etc.

An avatar is a picture or image that represents you. Avatars can be used to personalize the Blackboard experience.

Change Your Email Address
This page will give directions on how to change your email address in WebAdvisor, which will also change it in Blackboard.

Container Preparation
This page will provide information that will help you prepare your Blackboard containers so you can use them for your classes.

Copy Course
Follow these steps to copy one Blackboard container to another. This can be useful at the beginning of the semester when you copy your old Blackboard class information into a new course container.

Course Available/Unavailable
This tutorial will show you how to make your course available when you're ready for students to access it.

Download Grade Center to Excel
This tutorial will show you how to save the Grade Center to an Excel file.

Export/Import Course
This tutorial will show you how to export your course and import the content into another course.

Hide/Show Old Courses on Welcome Page
Learn how to manage the courses that are displayed in the My Courses module located on the Welcome tab.

Import the Model Template
Instead of starting from scratch with Blackboard, you can import a template to get you started. This template has been created specifically for GCCCD faculty and it provides an example or model of how to organize a course for teaching with Blackboard.

Login Instructions
Give your students this link to help them login to Blackboard.

Making A Test Available
Learn how to make your test available when you are ready for your students to access it.

Merge Courses
If you teach multiple sections of the same course, there is a merge tool available to merge the students from these sections into one course. You would then teach your course out of just the one merged container.

Password Changes
Learn how to change a student's password.

Recycle a Container
These steps will show you how to wipe a container clean, leaving no content or menu items in it, so that you can use it for another class or project.

Remove Menu Items
Learn how to remove menu items you no longer need.

Learn how to use a plagiarism prevention service.

Student Learning Outcomes
Each college has different techniques for assessing student achievement of SLOs in the online environment. Surveys are one method.

Verifying Usernames & Changing Passwords
Learn how to verify students usernames and change their password within Blackboard.

Viewing Videos
Learn how to adjust browser settings to play videos in Blackboard.

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