How and when semester containers are created:

Semester containers are automatically created a few months before the semester starts.

  • Fall semester: created May 1
  • Spring Semester: created Oct 1
  • Summer Semester: created Mar 1

How instructors and students are enrolled in containers:

Instructors and students are automatically enrolled in Canvas containers.

Instructors of Record are added one day after Instructional Operations has entered them into the Colleague system.

  • An instructor login uses the same name as in Self Service with your PIN.

Students are enrolled in Canvas one day after they register for a course. This applies to "waitlisted" students, also. They are enrolled in Canvas one day after they have officially registered for the course. If they drop the course, they are automatically made unavailable for that course the next day.

Updating personal information in Canvas:

If the wrong email address shows in Canvas, it should be changed in Self Service under the appropriate student or faculty menu; Personal Information. It will be updated in Canvas the next day. See the Tutorials for instructions.