Configure Browser/Settings

It is important that you configure your browser correctly so it will function properly within Canvas. The wrong settings can interfere with tests, the discussion board, opening video clips and more.


BROWSER: Canvas works best on Chrome and Firefox. However, here is a list of Canvas compatible browsers.

If you need to install another browser, there are some links for you at the Download Center.

PLUG INS: Go to the Plug-in checker to verify and install any required plug-ins.

POPUPS: Disable popup blockers to make sure course documents, web links, and tests may be opened.

COOKIES: Canvas features may not work correctly unless third party cookies are enabled. Also, some instructors use secured web content in which cookies may be required for login. Enable Cookies  

Sometimes old cookies and temporary Internet files stored on your computer can interfere with obtaining updated information from a web site. It's a good idea to Clear Cache and Cookies if you have problems accessing a web site.

JAVASCRIPT: JavaScript should be enabled on your browser. Enable JavaScript

REFRESH: To make sure you always get the latest version of the web page, set your browser to refresh web page on every visit.