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WebAdvisor | Network | Canvas

WebAdvisor Username and Password
(Used to register for classes, review schedule, search classes, make payment and more.)

  • Username is usually your firstname.lastname (for example: john.smith)
    • If you are still having difficulties, refer to the WebAdvisor Username page
  • Password is initially set to 6-digit date of birth (mmddyy format)
    • Must be changed after initial login
    • Must contain letters and numbers (6-9 characters)
    • Must not be too similar to previous passwords
    • Used to navigate within WebAdvisor only

Tip: Some students find it helpful to reset their WebAdvisor passwords to closely resemble the password requirement used for other campus resources. 

For example:  A student whose date of birth is 09/06/85 would reset his WebAdvisor password to sept0685


Network Username and Password
(Used to access Canvas, student email, login various labs on campus, connect wirelessly to the network, access library databases off campus and more.)

  • Username is the same as WebAdvisor firstname.lastname format
    Note: Period between the first and last name
  • Passwords are assigned and cannot be changed


  • Some common usernames have a random number attached at the end
    If you are not sure what your GCCCD Username/User ID is, you can verify it through WebAdvisor.
    Learn how to verify your WebAdvisor name now!
  • Usernames/User ID may NOT exceed 20 characters in length. This includes the period between the first and last name. Applies to the following resources:
    • Student email
    • Login various labs on campus
    • Connecting wirelessly to the network
    • Accessing library databases off campus
  • If your Username/User ID exceeds the maximum number of characters, delete the remaining characters.


Canvas Username and Password

  1. Username is the same as your WebAdvisor login
    (No character limit)
    If you are not sure what your Canvas username is, you can verify it through WebAdvisor.
    Learn how to verify your Canvas/WebAdvisor username!
  2. Canvas password is initially set to your 8-digit date of birth (mmddyyyy)
  3. User is not required to change password but has the capability
  4. Used to navigate within Canvas only