If you're having problems logging into Canvas, WebAdvisor or into the Network, you may need to verify your GCCCD Username. Your Username/User ID is created when you register for classes. Note: GCCCD User ID, Username (Canvas), Network ID and login are used interchangeably.

Verify GCCCD Username/User ID or Colleague ID in Web Advisor

shows arrow pointing to the Account Information link


To retrieve your Username/User ID in WebAdvisor:

  • Type wa.gcccd.edu in the browser address bar
    This takes you to the WebAdvisor Welcome Page
  • Click on the Account Information link

What is my User ID?

shows arrow pointing to the what's my user ID link

  • Click on the "What's my User ID" link

Request your User ID

shows screenshot of the what's my user ID form with fields of Last Name and SSN and Colleague ID

  • Fill in the Last Name field
  • Enter your Social Security Number OR your Colleague ID number
  • Click the Submit button
  • A page will appear that shows your GCCCD User ID

To retrieve your Colleague ID in WebAdvisor, click the "back button" in the browser window.