Grossmont-Cuyamaca College Promise

Congratulations on being a Promise student!  We would like all of our Promise students to receive up to 2 years of FREE tuition and mandatory fees! Please review the requirements below to ensure continued eligibility.

Fall to Spring Requirements

Students awarded the Promise in their first semester must maintain full-time enrollment each semester to remain eligible for up to 2 Years.                                                                                Complete 12 units in Fall and enroll in 12 units in the Spring semester. 



2nd Year Requirements

Students who maintain full-time enrollment and a cumulative 2.0 GPA in their 1st Year must complete the 2 requirements by Fall semester deadline to be eligible for a 2nd Year                                                                                  (1) 2023-2024 Financial Aid Application            (2) Enroll full-time (12 units)


Promise Payment

Students awarded the Promise in their first semester and complete 12 units, will NOT be charged tuition and mandatory fees at registration. The Promise will pay tuition and mandatory fees of student enrolled full-time in the Spring semester approximately 2 weeks after the semester deadline.

     Students enrolled in less than 12 units at the Spring semester deadline will be responsible for the costs of tuition and mandatory fees.