Payment Choices


First Semester


While completing The Promise requirements, there are two (2) ways The Promise can pay tuition and mandatory fees.

Please choose one of the two (2) options below:

Option 1: DO NOT PAY at the time of registration

Costs are paid by The Promise after the semester deadline.

Students can register and attend courses without being dropped for nonpayment.

Although a Payment Notification states: “Full balance due at the time of registration,” and a balance is reflected in WebAdvisor, tuition and mandatory fees do not have to be paid at the time of registration.

Option 2: PAY at the time of registration.

Costs are reimbursed, via the payment method, after the deadline.

*NOTE: Ineligible students will receive a denial email after the deadline and will be responsible for paying their account balance at that time.

Promise Payment After First Semester

Promise students who met the requirements in the current semester who register for the following semester, will NOT show a balance for their tuition and mandatory fees at registration. The costs will be paid by The Promise, after the deadline once requirements have been met has been verified.

*NOTE: If at the semester deadline, a student is NOT enrolled in at least 12 units, they are NOT eligible for The Promise. The Promise will NOT pay for tuition and mandatory fees. Costs will be posted in the students' WebAdvisor account. Students will receive a denial email and will be responsible for tuition and mandatory fees for the semester.