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Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District

Emergency Notification System

InformaCast© by Singlewire, is a robust system that provides alerts/notifications about emergency situations on campus by way of SMS, land line, cell phone, email, select desktop computers, and the mobile app. When  an incident requires notification and immediate attention, InformaCast© can deliver messages containing text, text-to-speech and audio.  It is a fast and reliable means of notification.

All current Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District staff, faculty, and students (those enrolled in current semester) may have alert messages sent to one or multiple devices based on the situation and your user profile. 


By default, your employee @gcccd.edu email address (email in Colleague for students) will be added as a device in case you don't have a phone number you've listed either in Colleague (students) or Workday (employees).  At a minimum, this will allow you to receive notifications via email.

Mobile APP - You will be required to register, validate and confirm registration during installation. Phone companies are required by law to confirm your phone number before transmitting messages.

Students: Review your contact information in Colleague to make sure you receive all emergency messaging. Be sure to have both an email and mobile number (SMS messages). 

Staff & Faculty: Review your contact information in Workday, and if necessary update to include at least one mobile number (see under FAQs).

NOTE: Updates to Workday happen the same night.  Updates to InformaCast© happen weekly BUT if updated on the mobile app, it's immediate.

If you are not receiving messages, please contact PublicSafety@gcccd.edu  for assistance.

CLICK to view Frequently Asked Questions about InformaCast©

Select a tab to view instructions for the InformaCast© Mobile App/Add Devices/Website.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Update Workday Guidance with directions and guidance for updating Workday with emergency contact information. Contact x7574 for Workday technical issues or questions. 

SMS messages will always come from phone number (833)-231-0019



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Push Notification


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Mobile Email

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Most people carry their cell phones with them wherever they go. A text message that shows up on your cell phone is most likely to get your immediate attention.

After you add a phone number, via Self Service on the mobile app or through the website, the system will require you to verify the phone number entered.  You will immediately receive an email asking you to confirm.  

The message is a legal requirement of the phone carriers, and confirms that your number has been entered into the notification system.

With InformaCast© you have the ability to add up to fourteen devices, with a maximum of five designated as Android or iOS, and up to three (per type) designated as SMS, Phone Call, and email.

No. Once your phone number has been enabled, it stays registered within the system.

You will still receive voice messages at the phone number you provided.

Make sure all devices have been added and enabled via Mobile app or website. What you list there is what the system will send to, again depending on what devices are triggered when a message goes out. 

Stay calm and follow any instructions provided in the alert message. Call our Emergency Information Line at 1-800-550-3922 for updates on the incident.

Email the PublicSafety@gcccd.edu with any questions.

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