Facility Use



Who Can use Facilities at GCCCD?

Community and service organizations, governmental entities, businesses, School Districts, and both non-profit and for-profit corporations may use approved college facilities when available.

Facility use require advance reservations.

Grossmont: Contact Business Office

Cuyamaca: Reserve Facilities 

Are There Fees For Using The Facilities?

YES, however, registered non-profit organizations conducting free public events may qualify for a discount of facilities fees. Additional fees may also be charged for use of college equipment, services provided by college personnel, utilities, etc.

Is A Certificate of Insurance Required?

YES, a certificate of insurance is required for any event taking place on one of GCCCD College's Campuses. If hosting an athletic event, or anything that could involve risk or injury, a Liability Waiver will also need to be signed by all participants and returned before the date of the event(s).

Are there additional requirements for Catering, Food Trucks, and Food Vendors?

YES, All vendors serving or selling items for consumption on GCCCD property must have a valid County Health Permit and Auto Insurance. California Health & Safety Code Section 114381 and San Diego County Code of Regulatory Ordinance Section 61.104.

How Far In Advance of My Event Must I Submit My Application?

Please submit at least 30 days in advance for most events, and at least six weeks in advance for events with special needs, athletic events, or events for more than 100 attendees.

Parking Arrangements.

Special event and Vendor permits are requested through the CAPS office and require 1 week advance notice. Regular business hours are 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.