Program Review Terminology & Definitions

Enrollment Success / Retention WSCH - FTEF - FTES
5-year trend reports indicating total enrollments as well as unduplicated headcount. Data is disaggregated by subject, gender, age, and ethnicity. 5-year trend reports indicating rates of success and retention. subject.  Data is disaggregated by subject, gender, age, and ethnicity. 3-year trend report indicating WSCH, FTEF, and FTES by subject.

Student Characteristics Degrees and Certificates Transfer Data
5-year trend report indicating unique headcount by enrollment status, course-taking pattern, and educational goal and success rates by course method.  Campus and subject rates listed. 5-year trend report indicating the number of students that graduated in each term by awarded Degrees and Certificates.

Report currently being redesigned.

Program Costs Grade Distribution Reports Faculty Staffing Reports
Data not yet available.

3-year trend report indicating Grade Distribution by subject.

3-year trend report displaying the count of Full time and part time faculty by Deaprtment and Subject.

Data is listed in alphabetical order using subject area abbreviations, and can be found in either tables or multi-page reports contained in the above program review categories.

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