Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness

GCCCD Comprehensive Strategic and Facilities Plan 2022-2028: A Shared Vision for the Future 

The plan encompasses our strategic and facilities planning for the District, and Cuyamaca and Grossmont colleges. As we look ahead, this plan offers a roadmap to foster community, in part through the development of more welcoming common spaces. This plan serves to:

• Envision the future of the District and colleges in a way that speaks to our innovative spirit.
• Integrate all plans across the District.
• Inform the communities we serve about the District’s vision, goals, and aspirations, and how District facilities contribute to the achievement of these aims.
Engage diverse constituents in a collaborative process for shaping our collective future as a District.
• Respond to challenges and opportunities brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.
• Focus on our core commitments and priorities, while remaining nimble to provide the most meaningful learning experiences for our students.
• Fulfill our commitment to equity and social justice by prioritizing actions and resources to address long standing inequities.