Last updated: Saturday, October 16, 2021 6:18 AM

Name  Phone Number  Email Room Title Department (Location)
  Charlene Alsbaugh .668-1727 Charlene.Alsbaugh@gcccd.eduE-112B Corporate Adv Developer    Community and Workforce Development  (District)  
  Charles Mills 1619-644-7038 Charlie.Mills@gcccd.edu86-826 Network Specialist I/IT    Information Technology  (District)  
  Chemene Chodur 1619-644-7644 Chemene.Chodur@gcccd.edu80B Human Resources Technician    Human Resources  (District)  
  Cheryl Detwiler 1619-644-7571 Cheryl.Detwiler@gcccd.edu38H Human Resources Coordinator    Human Resources  (District)  
  Christian Magbuhat 16196604207 Christian.Magbuhat@gcccd.eduH110 Network Specialist II    Information Technology  (District)  
  Christine Cole .644-3958 ccole@gafcon.com88-980 Project Manager, Move Management &FFE    Gafcon  (District)  
  Christine Yoshioka 1619-644-7780 Christine.Yoshioka@gcccd.edu80-853 Accounting Clerk Senior    Accounting  (District)  
  Claudia Moreno 1-619-644-7586 Claudia.Moreno@gcccd.edu80-852 Contracts Specialist    Purchasing and Contracts  (District)  
  Connie Lafuente 1-619-644-7647 Connie.Lafuente@gcccd.edu34-280 Sector Navigator Health    Foundation  (District)  
  Craig Leedham 1619-644-7892 Associate Vice Chancellor of Human Resources    Human Resources  (District)  
  Cynthia Nagura 1619-644-7683 Cynthia.Nagura@gcccd.edu80-861D Director Of Community & Workforce    Student and Institutional Success  (District)