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Name  Phone Number  Email Room Title Department (Location)
  Hadassah Nations 644-7617 Hadassah.Nations@gcccd.edu60-125 EOPS/Counselor    EOPS - Ext Opportunities Prgms and Servs  (Grossmont)  
  Hadeel Yacoub Worl Languages Instr    World Languages  (Grossmont)  
  Hannah Wevodau  Hannah.Wevodau@gcccd.edu34-256 Nursing Student Success Advisor    Nursing  (Grossmont)  
  Hau Nguyen 644-7555 Hau.Nguyen@gcccd.edu54-516A Computer Science Information Sys Instr    Computer Science Information (CSIS)  (Grossmont)  
  Haytham Boles 644-7454 x3643 Arabic Instr    World Languages  (Grossmont)  
  Heather Austin Business Instr    Business  (Grossmont)  
  Heather Webb Geology Instr    Geology  (Grossmont)  
  Heidi Holmquist 644-7822 Heidi.Holmquist@gcccd.edu42-105 Athletic Eligibility Advisor    Athletics  (Grossmont)  
  Heike Paulsen Chemistry Instr    Chemistry  (Grossmont)  
  Helen Coyne 644-7454 x3519 Culinary Arts Instr    Culinary Arts  (Grossmont)  
  Helen Liesberg644-7441 Helen.Liesberg@gcccd.edu50-590Q ESL Instr/Chair    English as a Second Language (ESL)  (Grossmont)  
  Heriberto Quibrera AOJ Adj Prof    Administration of Justice (AOJ)  (Grossmont)  
  Heriberto Vasquez 644-7844 Heriberto.Vasquez@gcccd.edu10-156 Outreach Coord    Outreach  (Grossmont)  
  Hiroko Takagi 644-7454 x3836 Japanese Instr    World Languages  (Grossmont)  
  Holli Hargrave English Instr    English  (Grossmont)  
  Holly Phan 644-7067 Holly.Phan@gcccd.edu70-115 Printing Supv    Printing  (Grossmont)  
  Hollyanne Sims Culinary Arts Instr    Culinary Arts  (Grossmont)  
  Homer Lusk 644-7454 x3957 Homer.Lusk@gcccd.edu52-568B English Professor    English  (Grossmont)