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Name  Phone Number  Email Room Title Department (Location)
  Vaknin, Lauren 619-660-4295 Lauren.Vaknin@gcccd.eduI-115 Dean of Student Affairs    Student Affairs  (Cuyamaca)  
  Valdivia, Jacqueline 1-619-644-7104 Jacqueline.Valdivia@gcccd.edu10-115 Administrative Assistant IV    Vice President Academic Affairs  (Grossmont)  
  Valencia, Melody    Counselor    Counseling  (Grossmont)  
  Valentine, Jodee Nursing Instr    Nursing  (Grossmont)  
  Valenzuela, Jacqueline 644-7447 Jacky.Valenzuela@gcccd.edu10-162 Admin Assistant of Counseling Dean    Counseling  (Grossmont)  
  Valladolid-Guzman, Maite 1619-644-7618 Maite.Valladolid@gcccd.edu60-125 EOPS Counselor    EOPS - Ext Opportunities Prgms and Servs  (Grossmont)  
  Valva, Christopher 619-660-4251 Christopher.Valva@gcccd.eduFac. Trailer Custodian    Administrative Services  (Cuyamaca)  
  Van-Slyck, Irene 644-7454 x3719 Russian Instr    World Languages  (Grossmont)  
  Vance, Diana1619-644-7047 Diana.Vance@gcccd.edu30-224 Chemistry Asst Instr/Chair    Chemistry  (Grossmont)  
  Vanden Eynden, Jennifer1619-644-7294 Jenny.VandenEynden@gcccd.edu70-212 Math Instr    Math  (Grossmont)  
  Vanlencia, Melody Adjunct Instr      (Grossmont)  
  Vannguyen, Marc 1619-644-7208 Marc.Vannguyen@gcccd.edu10-162 Counselor    Counseling  (Grossmont)  
  VanStone, Vicki619-660-4064 Vicki.VanStone@gcccd.eduE105 Administrative Assistant III    Career and Technical Education  (Cuyamaca)  
  Vargas, Lisa Cardiovascular Technology Instr    Cardiovascular Technology (CVTE)  (Grossmont)  
  Vargas, Michaela English Instr    English  (Grossmont)  
  Varghese, Sara 1619-644-7159 Sara.Varghese@gcccd.edu60-203 Dean Of Student Affairs    Student Affairs  (Grossmont)  
  Vasquez, Heriberto 1-619-644-3780 Heriberto.Vasquez@gcccd.edu60-203  Director of Student Development    Student Affairs  (Grossmont)  
  Vazquez, John Posc Instr    Political Science  (Grossmont)  
  Vega, Gregory 619-660-4030 Gregory.Vega@gcccd.eduA-321 Director of Admissions and Records    Admissions and Records  (Cuyamaca)  
  Vega, Juliana 1619-644-7890 Juliana.Vega@gcccd.edu36-350 Foster/Adoptive/Kinship Care Prog Assist    Foster/Adoptive and Kinship Program  (District)  
  Veizaga, Katherine 1-619-644-2237 Katherine.Veizaga@gcccd.edu21-253 Veterans Specialist    Counseling  (Grossmont)  
  Vejar, Laila 619-660-4251 Laila.Vejar@gcccd.eduFac. Trailer Custodian Sr    Administrative Services  (Cuyamaca)  
  Venard, Tenille 1619-644-7169 Tenille.Venard@gcccd.edu10-150 Evaluations Advisor    Admissions and Records  (Grossmont)  
  Venn, Tara AOJ Instr    Administration of Justice (AOJ)  (Grossmont)  
  Verdugo, Kirstyn 1-619-644-7130 Kirstyn.Verdugo@gcccd.edu10-109 Financial Aid Tech    Financial Aid  (Grossmont)  
  Verhoye, Bryan 644-7454 x3822 Music Instr    Music  (Grossmont)  
  Vicino, Christine 1619-644-7305 Christi.Vicino@gcccd.edu34-261 OTA Instr/Coord    Occupational Therapy Assist (OTA)  (Grossmont)  
  Vidales, Eleadah 619-660-2772  H230 Microbiology Tech    Science/Engineering  (Cuyamaca)  
  Vienna, Olga 644-7454 x3894 Olga.Vienna@gcccd.edu50-590O English Assoc Instr    English  (Grossmont)  
  Viersen, Beth 619-660-4576 Beth.Viersen@gcccd.eduA114 DSPS Coordinator    Disabled Student Prgrms and Servs (DSPS)  (Cuyamaca)  
  Vigil, Alberto 644-7454 x3862 Anthropology Instr    Anthropology  (Grossmont)  
  Vilarino, Sharon 644-7454 x3690 Sharon.Vilarino@gcccd.edu41-144 Exercise Science Instr    Exercise Science  (Grossmont)  
  Vilchez, Katherine .668-1736 Katherine.Vilchez@gcccd.edu10-109F EOPS/Dream Center Counselor/Coord    EOPS - Ext Opportunities Prgms and Servs  (Grossmont)  
  Villalta, Ian Psyc Instr    Psychology  (Grossmont)  
  Vincent, Paul 1619-644-7741 Paul.Vincent@gcccd.edu54-517B Spanish Professor/Chinese, Japanese & Spanish Co-Chair    World Languages  (Grossmont)  
  Vitullo, Peter CIS Instr    Computer and Information Science  (Cuyamaca)  
  Volkman, Thomas CS Instr    Computer and Information Science  (Cuyamaca)  
  VonBorstel, Veronica Theater Instr    Theatre Arts  (Grossmont)  
  Vorwerck, Heather Music Instructor    Music  (Cuyamaca)