Grossmont, Cuyamaca colleges celebrate Women’s History Month

March 06, 2023 at 4:58 PM

Water industry professionals listening to a speech at the 2019 Women in Water Symposium.
Water industry professionals listening to a speech at the 2019 Women in Water Symposium.

EL CAJON – Workshops, art exhibits, an open mic event, and an author reading are among the many events planned at Grossmont and Cuyamaca colleges this month to celebrate Women’s History Month.

The colleges will honor the contributions, history, and resilience of women across the United States and the world. The origins of Women’s History Month stem back more than 100 years to when International Women’s Day began to be celebrated annually on March 8. The event became a month-long celebration in the 1980s. 

Following is a list of events taking place and being sponsored by Grossmont and Cuyamaca colleges:

March 7
Why Do We Self-Sabotage?
10 to 11 a.m. 
This online Cuyamaca College event will focus on outlining how unconscious self-sabotaging behaviors impact future opportunities for women.

March 8
Breaking the Glass Ceiling
12 to 1 p.m.
This online Cuyamaca College event will focus on empowering yourself through networking and mentorship in the classroom and workplace.

Highlighting the Impact of Immigrant Women
12 to 3 p.m.
Immigrant women are often the pillars of their community, supporting and uplifting those around them. From business owners to educational professionals, they serve as role models. This event will celebrate the many achievements of these women while learning more about who they are and what they do.
Grossmont College’s Griffin Center

March 13
What Can We Learn about Women’s History by Reading Comics?
6 to 9 p.m.
A discussion of women, feminism, and comics, followed by a screening of movie Wakanda Forever.
Grossmont College’s Room 51-579

March 15
Conquistadoras: Women & Conquest in the Americas
6:30 to 7:30 p.m.
This online Cuyamaca College presentation is on Spanish women like Isabel de Guevera and Catalina de Erauso and their roles and experiences during the conquest of the Americas.

Open Reading featuring Spoken Word Poet and Educator Karla Cordero
4 to 5:30 p.m.
An Open Reading event to listen to poetry, creative nonfiction, and other genres that uplifts the voices of women, which is inclusive of transgender women and women-identifying individuals. Readings will be limited to five minutes maximum per person. The sign-up list is first come, first serve. Snacks and beverages will be provided. The event will feature spoken word poet and educator Karla Cordero, who will also be selling books and merchandise. Register via
Grossmont College’s Room 70-162

March 16
Open Mic
11:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.
This Cuyamaca College event will celebrate the power of our individual voices.
A Womxn’s Place is in the Courtroom
1 to 2 p.m.
This online Cuyamaca College workshop will focus on advocating for social justice within the law from a queer femmes perspective.

March 20 through April 25 
Art Exhibits
Two new exhibitions will be on display at Grossmont College’s Hyde Art Gallery. “Climate Reckoning,” which looks at our relationship with nature, will be in the main gallery space, and “What I Wanted to Tell You is This…,” which includes poetry & collages by Jade Solan, will be in the Patterson Window Display. An opening reception for “Climate Reckoning” will be held March 21 from 4 to 6 p.m. and a memorial event for Jade Solan will be held March 22 from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. The events are free, and no registration is necessary.
Grossmont College’s Hyde Art Gallery

March 21
BIPOC Women's Healing Circle
10 to 11 a.m.
This online Cuyamaca College session will provide a supportive space for women who identify as Black, indigenous, or persons of color. Participants will come together and have honest discussions around struggles in the academic world related to their cultural identity.

A Day in the Life: Second Lieutenant Zainab Qasemi, U.S. Air Force
10 to 11 a.m.
Second Lieutenant Qasemi is a College Programs Advisor for the U.S. Air Force. She is responsible for recruiting highly diverse and qualified officer candidates across Southern California and Arizona. Commissioned in June 2022 as a distinguished graduate of the ROTC program at the University of California Los Angeles, she also earned a bachelor's degree in Arabic Studies.
Grossmont College’s Room 60-140 or via Zoom 

March 23 
Stop the Stigma on Women's Reproductive Mental Health  
3 to 4 p.m.
Join Dr. Alison Reminick, MD, who specializes in the mental health care needs of women especially when it comes to reproductive mental health. Dr. Reminick directs the UC San Diego Women's Reproductive Mental Health program. She will lead a conversation about women's reproductive mental health across the lifespan, and factors that may contribute to anxiety, depression, body issues, eating disorders and mood disorders. Those who attend will receive a free gift bag, courtesy of the Grossmont College Basic Needs Resource Center. Light snacks will also be provided. 
Grossmont College’s Room 70-162.

March 24
Women in Non-Traditional Careers Panel
10 to 11 a.m.
This event will offer a look at non-traditional career paths, with professional women in our community.
Grossmont College’s Room 60-140, or via Zoom

March 29
6th Annual Women in Water Symposium 
11 a.m. to 7 p.m. 
Up to 200 people are expected to attend this Cuyamaca College event, designed to promote career and advancement opportunities for women in the water industry. The theme is “Building Resilience during Post-Pandemic Times.” Sessions will focus on advocating needs in the workplace, career development in the water industry, empowering teams with diverse personalities, and leadership and effective change. The keynote speaker will be Sandy Kerl, General Manager of the San Diego County Water Authority. Tickets are $25, and free for students and educators. Lunch and refreshments are included.
Cuyamaca College’s Student Center I-Building; post-conference event at the Water Conservation Garden


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