Image Alternative Description (Alt) Text and Title Text Descriptions


Here are a few things to guide you when writing alt text descriptions for images:

  1. Keep your descriptions between 8 and 80 characters.  Any more than 80 characters would require a "d" link page.
  2. DO NOT identify the medium whether it is an image, logo, photograph, picture, button, poster, illustration, watercolor, painting, bar chart, etc.  Do not write "Photo of...", "Image of...", "Picture of...", "...logo", etc... in your description text.
  3. Identify all prominent text in the image as it pertains to the meaning of the image. If an image says "Cerritos College" in it and it can be clearly seen, type "Cerritos College" for the description text.
  4. Identify all individuals in the photo by name if their names are known.
  5. For design-based images that are unimportant, blank alt text attributes may be used. In this situation, screen readers will just skip over the image.