About Corporate College

Comm Arts front of buidling at nightCorporate College utilizes Grossmont and Cuyamaca College faculty, curriculum, and facilities, to meet the training needs of local business and professionals. Currently, Corporate College offers Disability Support Services Training to prepare professionals to support individuals with developmental disabilities in a variety of residential, employment, educational, and recreational settings. Contact corporatecollege@gcccd.edu to learn more about contract and individual training. 

Financial Assistance

Corporate College classes are not for credit courses, and are not part of an academic degree program. The program is self-supporting and is not funded by tax dollars. Financial Aid is not available; however, discounts may be available. 

Registration Process

Corporate College classes are open enrollment. No formal admission process is necessary. Visit our Course Registration page to find the course you want to take and follow the registration prompts. 

Disability Support Services Student Testimonies

RSS1: Disability Diversity and Society-

"Janice was great and always offered help and recommendations on how to improve on work submitted."

 Omar Bahoor

 "Amazing teacher made the course very simple for us."

Abdirizak Ibrahim

“Doctor Janice is wonderful!  Very understanding and detailed with her instructions” 

Sally Saif

“It makes it a lot easier to do this course virtually because sometimes it’s hard to drive to a location and stay there for hours”

Marie Ayup


RSS2: Techniques and Practice of the Disability Support Specialist-

"This class has helped me tremendously. Ms. Debbie challenged me to better learn the knowledge and skills from this class. Thank you Ms. Debbie."

 Angela Goodwin

 " The instructor is well qualified for her position. She is very knowledgable and passionate about the material she is teaching."

Amanda Galindo

"Overall I had a great experience with my instructor. I felt she was very knowledgeable and she really cared about her students and making sure we understood what was being taught. She was very passionate about teaching us and making sure we succeed. I thought she was a great teacher and I really enjoyed being in her class."

Michaela Arrington


RSS3: Positive Behavior Supports-

"The virtual course challenged me to really learn how to be a direct support for people with disabilities. I learned from my classmates from different experiences in their group homes. Ms. Janice is a great and helpful instructor."

Angie Goodwin

"I love learning and enjoyed this class a lot because it gave me ideas and I learned of how we can better help our clients."

Mayra Ramirez

The knowledge taught by Dr. Melroy, completes the missing link of the Maslow’s hierarchy! In this class I have learned essential tools to identify the languages and behaviors that we all use to express a human need.

This class changed my perspective and I went from removing behaviors to teaching empowering tools to my clients!!”

Gloria Gonzalez

“I very much appreciated the excellent quality of the class and content delivery by the instructor”

Marjorie Bonton