Disability Support Services


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Are you looking to successfully support someone with a disability or differing needs?

Is opening a supportive home for people with disabilities a dream for you?

Do you want to elevate your position within the field of support services? 

Do you want to provide high quality support services to the individuals you serve?

For nearly 30 years, Grossmont College and the San Diego Regional Center have partnered to increase the skills and knowledge of administrators, managers, and direct support staff working in the disability field. Individuals working in the public sector who have contact with people who have disabilities also benefit from attending these courses. 

Our instructors utilize state of the art learning platforms and support techniques to design coursework for adult learners.

Live Virtual Classrooms provide opportunities to interact and network with peers to enhance the educational experience.

Courses are designed to prepare students to provide support to individuals with disabilities in a variety of residential, employment, educational, and recreational settings. Emphasis is placed on students applying their skills in increasingly complex systems of support.

*   Exclusive Provider of Residential Services Trainings for San Diego and Imperial Counties Regional Center

*    Experienced Instructors with 25+ years in the Disability Field 

*    Limited Class Sizes

*    Group Discounts Available 

*    Short Term, Online Classes

*    First Time Distance Learners Welcome!


Dr. Janice Melroy

Phone: 619-743-9323  

Email: janice.melroy@gcccd.edu