CIS Academy

The Cisco Networking Academy at Corporate College offers a rotation schedule designed to allow students to prepare for CCNA, CCNP, and  Cisco Security Certification around your busy work schedule. Classes begin every 10 weeks.

CCNA- five 8 week sessions                      total cost $2250

CCNP-  nine 8 week sessions                    total cost $4050

Individual courses in the sequence are $450 each        

Resources Available:
This program blends in-class study with online study providing students with experience configuring real Cisco networking equipment in the classroom along with providing course content that can be accessed anytime using the Internet.

  • Mini Mentoring
  • Online Curriculum
  • Open Labs (consisting of 90+ total Cisco Routers and Switches)
  • Packet Tracer Network Simulation program
  • NetLabs

How Cisco Classes Work

Corporate College understands the busy IT professional's schedule.  Our Cisco courses offer the opportunity to tailor your educational needs to your working schedule.

  • 8-week classes
  • Self-directed learning
  • Assistance is always available
  • Rotation allows completion of CCNA and/or the CCNP in months versus years!


Lectures are offered on a scheduled night, but you may complete labs any night Monday-Thursday.  To complete a course, follow the syllabus and course assignment schedule, read and follow your textbook/online curriculum, complete knowledge and skills-based assignments, and take exams. Students can choose to progress at an advanced pace completing coursework ahead of the regular class progress.

Course materials are provided using the Cisco Networking Academy Online Curriculum (CCNA classes only) and an online Cisco course management system (NetSpace) which contains proprietary class materials, assignments, exams, and announcements. Course assignments are provided on the Cisco NetSpace Webpages for each specific class.


  • No minimum in-class time
  • No maximum - You can attend class anytime a Cisco class is in session
    • 5 hours/session
    • 4 sessions/week (Mon-Thurs)
    • 20 total hours/week available
  • Log into Red Canyon computer with college student ID card to record classroom hours

Palo Alto 

The Palo Alto Academy courses feature hands-on lab training using Palo Alto Networks® next-generation firewalls. These courses map to certification exams that validate proficiency in managing Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls. Students learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity and identify the concepts required to recognize as well as mitigate attacks against enterprise networks and mission-critical infrastructure; general concepts involved in maintaining a secure network computing environment; students evaluate cybersecurity principles and demonstrate how to secure a network computing environment through the application of security controls; Students will learn the nature and scope of today’s cybersecurity challenges, strategies for network defense and detailed information about next-generation cybersecurity, students will also deploy a variety of security methodologies as well as technologies and concepts used for implementing secure network environments; Students will gain a general understanding of how to install, configure and manage firewalls for the defense of enterprise network architecture. Students will also learn the theory and steps for setting up the security, networking, threat prevention, logging and reporting features of next-generation firewalls.