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Effective Monday, March 16, the Grossmont and Cuyamaca college campuses are closed to all students and the public until further notice. The latest district information regarding COVID-19 can be found here.  The coronavirus situation is changing hourly, making it difficult to predict when social distancing measures might be relaxed. We are committed to keeping our students safe and have decided that it is best to cancel summer programming for 2020. 


The Career Exploration Academy is a four-day “summer camp” experience. Students participate in short project-based learning activities designed to increase awareness of careers in one of six career pathways: Ornamental Horticulture, Graphic Design, Environmental Health and Safety, Automotive Repair, Child Development, and Water Technology. Participation is open to students aged 15 to 18 that have completed at least one year of high school.

  • Participate in workshops, lectures, discussions, and hands-on activities designed and taught by college faculty and industry professionals.
  • Take the StrengthsFinder or Meyers Briggs assessments and learn about leveraging your strengths at work and in school. 
  • Participate in our Career Ready workshops: Personal Branding & Social Media, Financial Literacy, and Networking taught by Cuyamaca College Work-Based Learning and Job Placement Counselors
  • Receive materials outlining potential careers, labor market information, and community college pathways.
  • Tour the Cuyamaca College campus and learn about how you may qualify for two years of tuition-free college. 

Program Offerings

AboricultureTHIS PROGRAM IS NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE: Ornamental Horticulture

Agriculture has a 1.7 billion dollar impact on our local economy and employs almost 12,000 local residents. Horticulturalists are trained in the breeding, growth, and use of plants and plant materials for decorative and recreational purposes.  In this workshop, participants became plant pest detectives, learn about propagating plants and discover what it takes to become an Arborist. 

” Ornamental Horticulture was very fun. It open a new perspective for me. There are more career options in horticulture than I thought there were.”

Student wearing maskTHIS PROGRAM IS NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE: Environmental Health & Safety

Entry-level EHS Technicians work in a variety of settings ensuring the safety of workers, the environment and the general public. In this workshop, students learn about noise pollution, hazardous chemicals, and participate in a simulated decontamination scenario, donning full personal protection equipment (HAZMAT suits). 

“I liked the hands-on activities. Especially EHS. Putting on a HAZMAT suit was a rush!”

Students working under carTHIS PROGRAM IS NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE: Automotive Technology

Automotive technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated, prompting more and more employers to seek those who have completed a formal training program in a post-secondary institution. Cuyamaca College’s comprehensive Master Automotive Service Excellence Program, which emphasizes practical experience in actual repairs under simulated shop conditions, is among the best in the region.  In this workshop, students will learn about entry-level careers in the field and conduct a full vehicle inspection.  Learn More

“I can’t thank you enough for this camp. It has made a huge impact on my child. She has direction and purpose and is super excited now.”

Students at computersGraphic Design

Graphic Design is about creativity, communication, and craft to tell a story. It is a large, diverse and rewarding field of study with many professional pathways. In this workshop, students will use graphic design tools to create and publish a zine. 

“I loved getting to learn about and explore this campus and how the college programs worked.”

Childcare workersChild Development

Increases in legislation intended to improve the quality of education have improved the job outlook for preschool teachers. In this workshop participants engage in creative and cognitive actives designed to stimulate the developing preschool brain while learning about the role the preschool teacher plays in facilitating development.

“I enjoyed child development. I liked when we were making slime or play dough, etc how the teacher explained the brain development and behavior reasons you do those things with little kids.”

Water Technology StudentsWater Technology

The water and wastewater industry is a promising field of employment. The San Diego County Water Authority has estimated that about 400 positions will need to be filled by local utilities each year to keep up with retirements and vacancies as the result of an aging workforce.  This exploration program is modeled after the highly successful Women in Water Symposium, educating students on how to train for jobs and build a successful career within the water industry. 

“I enjoyed talking with professionals in these careers and asking questions.”

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