Before you Begin Exams (Quizzes, Tests, and Surveys) --

Canvas recommends using Chrome or Firefox. 

  1. Be sure you are using a compatible browser and have a reliable Internet connection before you start the exam.

  2. Take your test as soon as you are ready. DO NOT wait until the last day to take an exam. If you have technical difficulties, there may not be enough time for you to resolve the problem before the test is due.

  3. Do not enter an exam until you are ready to take it. Set aside a period of time with no distractions. Once you click BEGIN to start the test, Blackboard counts this as an attempt at the test, even if you don't answer a single question. Your instructor is the ONLY person who can clear an attempt from your record.

  4. Close all other programs running on your computer before you start an exam

  5. Exams on Canvas time out after a period of inactivity. Your ISP might time out sooner with no activity. Save your answers or the exam frequently. Saving resets the inactivity clock but not the exam clock

Taking an Exam

  • Read the exam instructions carefully. What happens if you experience technical difficulties during a test? Are your exams timed? Are you allowed multiple attempts? Understand these policies before beginning an exam.

  • Click the Exam ONCE (not twice) and wait until the test has fully loaded before you start answering questions. NEVER double-click at any point in a Canvas exam.

  • Do not resize or refresh the window during an exam. Make sure to set the window size to display the way you want before beginning your assessment.
  • Do not click anywhere outside the exam area. For example, this includes Canvas navigation buttons like Announcements, for example. Clicking outside the exam area may cause Canvas to kick you out of the test before you have completed it.
  • Never click the back button in the web browser while you are taking an exam because you will be removed from the exam before you are finished.

  • Avoid using the scroll wheel on your mouse to scroll in a test. Scrolling can inadvertently change answers.

  • Do not click the Submit or Next buttons more than once. There may be a delay before you receive a confirmation or move to the next question.