Building Marshal Program

As part of the effort to support department and building level emergency planning, GCCCD Public Safety oversees the campus Building Marshal Program.

In coordination with department deans, chairs and managers, Building Marshals are recruited to assist with evacuation in the event of an emergency.

Building Marshals are needed on every floor, of every building on campus.

In the event of an evacuation, Building Marshals will be wearing bright yellow vests and whistles and will be able to guide staff, students, faculty, and visitors to the nearest emergency exit and to the buildings Emergency Evacuation Points. 

Building Marshals must be willing to assume the required duties and be willing to participate in training to acquire the necessary skills and to keep these skills current.

Training consists of two components:

1. General, Basic Building Marshal Training covers:

  1. GCCCD Emergency Procedures
  2. Incident Command Structure (ICS)
  3. GCCCD General Evacuation Procedures, and
  4. Equipment Distribution

General training sessions are offered twice a year and are facilitated by the Emergency Preparedness Team.

2. Building Specific Training organized by the Principal Building Marshal in coordination with the Emergency Preparedness Team Member of their choice. These training sessions cover specifics of:

  1. Building evacuation routes, exits, evacuation points, and
  2. Specific areas of responsibility for each Building Marshal

These sessions are scheduled as needed although they should be held at least once annually. Please contact Daryl Johnson, Public Safety Compliance Specialist, for more information.

Trainings offer a great opportunity to meet and get to know other building marshals in your building.

Responsibilities include:

  • Following a major earthquake or other disaster that damages campus buildings the Building Marshals will assist in the orderly evacuation of campus buildings to areas of safety.
  • When prompted by an alarm or at the request of Public Safety, the Building Marshals will assist in the orderly evacuation of the building population.
  • When the building is evacuated, Building Marshals secure building entrances, direct personnel 100 feet from the building, and deny re-entry until informed by emergency personnel that it is safe to do so.
  • Building Marshals report injuries and probable locations of trapped individuals to emergency personnel.
  • If necessary, Building Marshals assist in the movement of persons to indicated campus evacuation staging area(s) or shelter(s).

Additional Training Resources

  1. AED Instructions
  2. Building Evacuation Procedures
  3. Critical Life Safety Skills
  4. Fire Alarm Protocol
  5. Traffic Control

If you are interested in becoming a Building Marshal, or simply want to learn more, the first step is to take our general, basic Building Marshal training. 

Volunteer to help keep GCCCD safe!

Email Public Safety ( for more information and/or to sign up.