Research Requests


District Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness (RPIE)

Internal RequestsIf you are GCCCD faculty or staff and are interested in initiating an internal research request, please complete the GCCCD Research Request Form.

External Requests - If you are a doctoral student or an external agency interested in initiating an external research request, please review the GCCCD External Research Review Process and complete the Request for Approval to Conduct Research at GCCCD Form.


Cuyamaca College

The Institutional Effectiveness, Success, and Equity (IESE) Office serves as the campus liaison to the District RPIE Office. We strive to serve the entire campus community through collaborative research and inquiry. In partnership with the District RPIE Office and our campus practitioners, we manage several concurrent projects at any given time. The research projects that are most highly prioritized are those that are central to core college processes and initiatives, such as accreditation, program review and integrated planning, strategic planning, statewide programs and initiatives, and grant project evaluation. Ad hoc requests are prioritized based on factors such as external deadlines, relevance to the College’s strategic plan, and intended utilization of research results. To initiate an ad hoc research request, please complete the Cuyamaca College Research Request form. The IESE Office will review and prioritize ad hoc requests on a monthly basis in collaboration with the College’s Institutional Effectiveness Committee and/or the RPIE Office.


Grossmont College

Requests for research are typically initiated as part of the annual program review and planning processes. To request research outside of this process (i.e. on an ad hoc basis), please complete the college “Ad Hoc Research Request Form” and submit electronically to Joan Ahrens, Interim Sr. Dean, at the Office of College Planning and Institutional Effectiveness. Your request will be reviewed and prioritized, and if approved, it will be forwarded to district Research, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (RPIE).