Grossmont Forms

Evaluation forms are "protected" files designed to allow data to be input into designated fields while preserving the page layout/formatting. In order to use the Peer/Manager Forms SAVE the form to your desktop. Use the Tab key to move from field to field. If you experience difficulty with this feature, the "Protect Form" icon on the Forms Toolbar may need to be turned on. To do this go to View, Toolbars, select Forms, and then look for the padlock symbol. It needs to be highlighted to have the Protect Form feature turned "ON."

For more information, please contact the Faculty Evaluations Assistant at

Refer to for further information regarding the faculty evaluation process.

Academic Calendar - 2021 to 2022
Academic Calendar - 2022 to 2023
Academic Hourly Time Sheet
Academic Rank Application, Full-Time Faculty
Academic Rank Application, Adjunct Faculty
Academic Substitute Time Sheet
ASGC Awards Uniform Criteria
Attendance Roster Files on District Forms Depot
Building Access Protocol
Classroom Coverage Request to be Absent
Committee Approval Template
Committee Approval - Template Instructions
Conference Attendance Request for Professional Development Hours
Counselor Leave Taken Timesheet
Duplicating Job Ticket
EDIC Special Projects
Facilities Committee Project Proposal
Facilities Committee Scoring Sheet
Facility Use Request Form
Facilities Furniture and Equipment Move Form
Facilities Office Request Form
Faculty Peer/Manager Evaluation Forms on District Forms Depot
Faculty Evaluation Form - Job Description - Counselor
Faculty Evaluation Form - Job Description - Instructor Full-Time
Faculty Evaluation Form - Job Description - Instructor Part-Time
Faculty Evaluation Form - Job Description - Intercollegiate Athletics' Additional Duties
Faculty Evaluation Form - Job Description - Librarian
Faculty Evaluation Other Form - Student Component Facilitator Sheet
Field Trip Form
IMPAC Monthly Bank Card Log
Incomplete Grade Contract
In Project Request
Librarian Leave Taken Timesheet
Managers Leave Taken Timesheet
Office Hour Grid
Phone Change Order
Prerequisite Enforcement Notification
Professional Development Contract
Protocol Leading to Student Discipline for Classroom Misconduct
Removal from Class by Instructor Template
Request for Leave of Absence Form (Risk Mgt)
Special Project Authorization/Request for Payment
Student Travel Teams Advance Request
Student Travel Teams Advance Request - For co-curricular and athletics programs only
Textbook Order Form - GC