Canvas Requests

To access the Canvas Request web site and associated forms mentioned below, you will need to login with your GCCCD network/email username and password.


Students and instructors of record are added automatically. You can request users to be added manually to your course by submitting a Canvas Request "Add a User" form. This might include:

  • Teaching Assistants
  • Evaluators
  • Other Instructors
  • Guest Speakers
  • Students with an incomplete (INC) grade

If you are assigned a course and the previous instructor is still listed, you or the previous instructor can submit a Canvas Request form to "Delete a User". Please note that students are added/made inactive automatically and we are not able to delete them from Canvas.

Courses & Sandboxes

Semester courses are added automatically. You can request other courses/sandboxes to be added manually by submitting a Canvas Request "Create a new course/sandbox" form. This can include:

  • A Development sandbox to develop a course
  • A Workshop course for group collaboration

When you no longer need a Development or Workshop course/sandbox, please submit a "Canvas Request Delete a course/sandbox" form to have the container deleted. Note: Section courses are created automatically and cannot be deleted.

You can also request two or more of your Canvas courses to be "Crosslisted (Merged)".