Campus Security Authorities (CSA)

What is a Campus Security Authorities (CSA)?  Please review the presentation for the answer!

Campus Security Authorities

Under the Clery Act, a Campus Security Authority
(CSA) includes a campus police or security
department; any individual or individuals who are
responsible for campus security but who do not
constitute a campus security department; any
individual or organization specified in an institution’s
statement of campus security policy as an individual or
organization to which students and employees should
report criminal offenses; and/or an official of an
institution who has significant responsibility for student
and campus activities, including but not limited to,
student affairs professionals, faculty/staff advisors to
student organizations, athletic coaches, and/or other
administrators or employees.

Professional counselor and pastoral counselors are not considered to be Campus Security Authorities under the Clery Act. A professional counselor is defined as a person whose professional responsibilities include providing mental health counseling to members of the campus community and who is functioning within the scope of his or her license or certification. A pastoral counselor is defined as a person who is associated with a religious order or denomination, who is recognized by that religious order or denomination as someone who provides confidential counseling, and who is functioning within the scope of that recognition of a pastoral counselor. The District does not employ pastoral counselors. 

Campus Security Authorities


NOTE: If you are an individual with dual roles, one as
a professional or pastoral counselor and the other as
an official who qualifies as a Campus Security
Authority, you are considered a Campus Security
Authority and are obligated to report Clery crimes of
which you are aware.