Sheriff's Deputies at GCCCD

Currently, a Sheriff's deputy is assigned to the Grossmont and Cuyamaca college campuses. If necessary, the District also has access to Sheriff’s Department specialized units that investigate crimes such as illegal drug sales, domestic violence, auto theft or gang-related crime. The sheriff’s deputies who are working at Grossmont and Cuyamaca colleges are all experienced and highly trained law enforcement professionals.

Deputy Ramirez

Deputy Alex Ramirez, graduated with a bacelor's degree in Sociology and began her career in Law Enforcement in 2011. She has been a deputy with the San Diego Sheriff's Department for nine years with assignments at El Cajon Courthouse and the Rancho San Diego Station and spent the last two years as a PERT (Pyschiatric Emergency Response Team) deputy.

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Deputy Abas


Our newest deputy, Michael Abas, started with GCCCD in May 2022.  Deputy Abas is excited to be a part of the GCCCD team. 

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Complimentary services provided under the San Diego Sheriffs contract include:

■ PERT- Psychiatric Emergency Response Team

■ Law enforcement protection with entire command structure attached

■ Liability protection

■ Property and Evidence Collection

■ Crime Analyst

■CPTED- Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Annual Review

■ Family Protection Services

■ Domestic Violence Services

■ Homeless Outreach Team Services

■ Data Services and Clery Data Coordination


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