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The sheriff's deputies at GCCCD

A sheriff’s sergeant and four deputies are assigned to the Grossmont and Cuyamaca college campuses. If necessary, the District also has access to Sheriff’s Department specialized units that investigate crimes such as illegal drug sales, domestic violence, auto theft or gang-related crime. The sheriff’s deputies who are working at Grossmont and Cuyamaca colleges are all experienced and highly trained law enforcement professionals.

Sergeant Munzenmaier attended Grossmont and Cuyamaca College while working as a Campus Police Officer with the GCCCD in the early 90's. He has been with the Sheriff's Department since 1994 and worked a variety of assignments including the County Jails, Patrol, S.W.A.T., Rural Law Enforcement and Special Investigations. Sergeant Munzenmaier may be reached at

Deputy Adams has been a deputy Sheriff for 16 years. Deputy Adams worked at the Alpine, Santee and Lakeside Stations, as well as San Diego Central Jail. Deputy Adams was assigned to the County Parole and Alternative Custody Unit (CPAC) for about 3 years and was also assigned as the School Resource Officer for Valley Center High School. Contact information:

Deputy Allen has been with the Sheriff’s Department for 10 years, worked at the Alpine, Lakeside and Santee stations as well as the men's detention facility. Contact information:  

Deputy Jimenez, a sheriff’s deputy for 11 years, worked out of the Lemon Grove sheriff’s station as a traffic investigator. Jerry received his associate degree from Grossmont-Cuyamaca. He enjoys snowboarding and mountain biking. Contact information:

Deputy Bailey has been with the Sheriff's Department for 12 years, worked at the North Coastal Station as well as the men's and women's detention facilities. Contact information:

For non-emergency calls and follow-ups a deputy may be reached by calling 858-565-5200.

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Public Safety Contact Numbers

Call 911 in an emergency and do NOT hang up!

  • Life-threatening situation
  • Medical emergency
  • Crime in progress
  • Fire
  • Major disturbance
  • Crime report
  • Request for police presence to deal with potentially-disruptive person

Sheriff's Non-Emergency Line

Call 858-565-5200

  • Reporting a break in that occurred in the past
  • Reporting vehicle damage
  • Reporting suspicious situations that are non-threatening
  • Any non-life threatening issue

Call Extension 7654 or (619) 644-7654 for Campus and Parking Services

  • Automobile assistance
  • Parking
  • Lost & Found
  • Safety Escort
  • Room Unlock/Lock

No matter what number you call, the person who answers the phone will make sure you get the appropriate response that you need.

A printable version of the Public Safety contact numbers is also available.



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