Information for Educators

Articulation Process Step By Step

Course alignment must be determined FIRST by following these directions:

  • Review your course content and outline and compare with equivalent GCCCD course content and outline. High school and adult school instructors may need to contact the GCCCD Career & Technical Education Support Specialists by email at if course outlines are not available.
  • Determine whether your course aligns with the GCCCD Course(s).
  • Attend Articulation workshop day(s) to meet with GCCCD faculty and complete the articulation agreement template in collaboration with the college faculty for the course(s) being articulated.
  • Once alignment is determined, and the articulation agreement is completed, including required signatures, the articulation agreement is sent to the GCCCD Career & Technical Education Support Specialists for record keeping.

When completing the “Request for Credit by Exam”, be sure to include the following information:

  • Name of current school.
  • Instructor’s Name and Email.
  • Course Name & Number.
    • At current school.
    • At Grossmont College and/or Cuyamaca College.
  • Competency & Skill Requirements.
    • For course at current school.
    • Demonstrating alignment with Grossmont College and/or Cuyamaca College requirements.


When finished, submit the completed “Request for Credit by Exam” form by sending an email to Please make sure to include your current Course Outline and list of Competencies/Objectives when submitting your Articulation request.

Please note the following information:

  • GCCCD Articulation is Course-to-Course Alignment with a Credit-by-Exam process.
  • Courses are aligned if Competency & Skill requirements are the same.
  • Credit exams should adequately measure students’ mastery of the course content.
  • Agreements will be reviewed periodically.