Protocol Update

The following information should be included on all collegewide and districtwide publications and material available to the general public.

Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District

8800 Grossmont College Drive
El Cajon, CA 92020-1799 (619) 644-7010

Governing Board Members: Elena Adams, Debbie Justeson, Desiree Klaar, Brad Monroe, Julie Schorr
Student Members: Cesar Nuñez, Courtney Etnyre

Chancellor: Lynn Ceresino Neault, Ed.D. 
Grossmont College President: Denise Whisenhunt, J.D.
Cuyamaca College President: Jessica Robinson, Ed.D.

The above information is to be included on the inside front cover of college catalogs and schedules.

b. The information needs to be readable, using a font size no smaller than Times Roman, regular style, 8 point.

c. For college-specific publications, including catalogs and schedules, it is acceptable to omit the district address, phone number and website. List the district name, the names of Governing Board members, the chancellor, and the college president.

d. If a publication is intended for use longer than one year, it is acceptable to omit the names of the student members of the Governing Board.

e. The information is not required to be included on posters or postcards being produced by college graphics departments for college divisions or department events.

Logos: The copyrighted college or district logos serve as primary identifiers, letting users know immediately that the publication or visual media represents Grossmont College, Cuyamaca College or the district.

a. The logo should be an integral part of publication covers or electronic presentations, and its use including incorporation into print advertising, should be consistent with the adopted district and Grossmont College Graphic Standards Manual and the Cuyamaca College Logo Usage Manual.

The manuals are available in the Graphics Departments at both colleges, in Printing at Grossmont College, in the Presidents' offices, in the District Public Information Office and in the Grossmont College Office of College and Community Relations.

b. District logos are available under Marketing and Communications on the district website. The logos should not be distorted on any publication or website. It is strongly advised that you check with campus graphics regarding appropriate logo usage.

Questions? Contact Michele Clock at