Welcome Adjuncts!

Part-time faculty positions offer flexible hours and the opportunity to assist a diverse group of adult students in achieving their educational goals.  These part-time positions are as needed and applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

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To view available Adjunct positions, please visit our Careers page.

For information on:

  • Applying under Equivalency, please see the Equivalency Instructions on the Faculty Equivalency page
  • Equivalency qualifications, please see the Faculty Equivalency Qualifications on the Faculty Equivalency page
  • Department Dean/Chair reviews applicant pools, schedules and sets-up interviews.
  • Department Chair contacts HR Partner(s) to notify them of potential new hire, directs applicant to Careers Page for timely completion of application materials.

Note: An employment application must be in place to continue the hiring process with Human Resources.

  • HR Partner reviews Workday Recruiter database for completion of candidate’s online application materials.
  • If candidate is applying under an equivalency, HR Partner compiles equivalency packet and sends out to Dean and Dept. Chair for approval.
  • Once Equivalency packet is approved. HR Partner initiates the Onboarding Process online.
  • Upon completion of the new hire’s onboarding process, HR Partner assigns Employee ID number and notifies Dean, Dept. Chair and Administrative Assistant.
  • IT Department creates Network Account and new hires are notified in their Onboarding Welcome email.
  • HR Partner processes new hire record in Workday.
To view all salary schedules, please visit the Salary Schedule page here.