Faculty Equivalency

The Equivalency Instructions are followed by the Faculty Equivalency Qualifications below.

Equivalency Instructions:

If any applicant for an academic position does not meet the Minimum Qualifications for Faculty and Administrators in California Community Colleges, they may still apply to the position under an Equivalency.  Applying under an Equivalency means that the applicant feels they have a combination of education and experience that would be equivalent to the state minimum qualifications, allowing them to teach any class within the discipline.

To apply under an equivalency, an applicant must do the following:

  1. Complete an online academic application for the discipline in which you are applying on our Careers Page.  Print out your application for inclusion in the Equivalency packet.
  2. Download and complete an  Equivalency Determination Form.  Save your document and attach to your online application.
  3. Write a statement explaining why you believe you meet the equivalency.
  4. Submit tangible evidence necessary to support your request, including:

      1. A set of official or unofficial transcripts showing that appropriate courses including general education requirements were successfully completed at an accredited college or appropriate foreign institution in order to establish the equivalent amount of formal education required for the degree and the number of major course units required for that degree;
      2. Certifications or licenses appropriate for the specific discipline;
      3. Publications that show either a command of the discipline in question or candidate’s writing skills;
      4. A written statement or portfolio of substantial artistic experience and/or accomplishments equivalent to the degree (e.g. performances, shows, exhibitions, compositions, or books);
      5. Documentation, such as letters supporting work experience from a supervisor including length and level of service from employer;
      6. Compile all materials required in steps 1-4 and attach to your online application materials.

Applicants who do not meet the Minimum Qualifications and do not submit an Equivalency packet within 30 days of applying will be considered inactive in the adjunct faculty pool.

Some materials are in Adobe Acrobat Reader format.

Faculty Equivalency Qualifications: